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The category Professional Terrace Equipment offers many models of brazier, terrace heater, misting device, very contemporary umbrellas, intended for professionals such as architects, designers, event companies or owners of establishments.

The quality of the furniture and its resistance makes it suitable for intensive use in bars, restaurants, bar terraces, communities, hotels, discotheques, etc.

Hotel restaurant terrace brazier

In order to equip your high-end terrace, choose from our selection of braziers. Whether you are looking for a brazier to gather around a barbecue or plancha or whether you are looking for a brazier to gather around the fire and enjoy its warmth, we will have the right solution for you!

Barazzi has selected the best for your terrace: bioethanol braziers, wood braziers, round or rectangular fireplaces, brazier tables, garden braziers... The brazier is a top-of-the-line piece of equipment that your customers will notice because it brings warmth and conviviality!

Restaurant terrace heating

The terrace heater is very popular during the winter. In order to allow your customers to enjoy your entire space, even in the winter, you can equip yourself with additional heaters for the terrace. You will find heating umbrellas, gas patio heaters, flame or pyramid heating umbrellas... Our different products are very appreciated by our restaurant customers.

Professional patio umbrella

After having thought about winter comfort, we obviously have to worry about comfort in the summertime! The parasol is the essential equipment for summer afternoons and evenings.

Our wide range of umbrellas will suit your restaurant terraces, whether you are looking for a large umbrella, a double umbrella, a wall umbrella, a central or remote stand, a square, rectangular or round umbrella. All our products are carefully selected and their contemporary and qualitative style will bring comfort to your customers, while decorating your exterior.

Design flower pot

To complete your professional restaurant terrace, you can also choose from our wide range of contemporary design flower pots. A planter is not only chosen for its function, but also for its appearance and overall look. Choosing a designer flower pot will set you apart from a classic restaurant and add finesse to your decor. We offer rectangular, graphic, large, XXL, rounded, oval, etc. pots.

The choice of theequipment of terrace of CHR must be methodical and careful to answer at the same time the needs for functionality: to be with the cool one the summer, to be with the heat one the winter, while bringing of the decoration to the space of reception of your customers. In the profession, the terrace is often decisive for the well-being of customers, who often choose an establishment because of its beautiful terrace. Our quality equipment is ideal to perfect your installation and allow your customers to spend a good time around a meal. Have your patio equipment delivered to you by purchasing it online on our Barazzi website!