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An offset foot parasol is a parasol with a foot placed outside the circle formed by the ribs. This allows for more space under the umbrella and prevents the foot from getting in the way when sitting at the table.

There are different models of umbrellas with offset legs, some with a central leg, others with the legs placed at the ends of the umbrella. Offset umbrellas can be fixed to the ground or be mobile.

Advantages of a professional offset umbrella

The offset umbrella is a very practical garden accessory. It allows you to create a shaded area without having to move the garden furniture. Moreover, it is easy to move and can be used to protect from the sun as well as from the rain.

The advantages of an offset umbrella stand are numerous:

  • It allows for more space under the umbrella, which is ideal if you want to put a table or if you want to install a misting device.
  • The fact that the foot is placed outside the circle formed by the ribs prevents the foot from getting in the way when sitting at the table.
  • Offset umbrellas are often more aesthetically pleasing than traditional umbrellas, as they have a more streamlined design.

The disadvantages of an offset stand umbrella are few:

  • They are generally more expensive than traditional parasols.
  • Some models are less stable than traditional umbrellas, as they have only one central foot.

Offset foot parasol all shapes

There are many shapes of umbrellas with off-center stands, including straight umbrellas, dome or pavilion umbrellas, and whale umbrellas. We offer several shapes of umbrellas with off-center stand: round umbrella, rectangular umbrella, half umbrella, straight freestanding umbrella, hexagonal umbrella...

Depending on your decoration style, you can choose the ideal parasol, from the simplest to the most design! We offer parasols of all sizes, in single or double models, to cover large terraces.

Restaurant parasol with offset foot, which size to choose?

Offset foot umbrellas are a great option for restaurants because they create a shaded area without obstructing the view of customers. These umbrellas are usually large enough to accommodate multiple tables and often have a center stand that allows them to be easily moved.

The most common sizes for off-center foot umbrellas are as follows:

  • 2.5 meters: This size is ideal for one or two tables.
  • 3.0 meters: This size is ideal for three or four tables.
  • 3.5 meters: this size is ideal for five or six tables.

Buy a high-end offset umbrella

On our Barazzi website, you can buy a professional parasol with a high-end offset stand. As a restaurant or hotel professional, you need to choose a model that will last and protect your customers properly and safely. Indeed, you need a high-end model that is resistant to strong winds and that will not blow away when the wind picks up. The parasol with an offset stand is the ideal solution for this.

It is also important that it is easy to handle for you and your employees. For this purpose, we offer you a parasol with a telescopic base, which can be easily unfolded and retracted. This model is also equipped with a locking system that keeps it in place when it is extended.

Finally, it is important that the umbrella is easy to clean, and we offer a model with a polyester coating, which is easy to maintain. We offer models with tiltable canopies, which allows you to place the parasol exactly in the right place in relation to the sun. The tilted canopy is a popular feature in the restaurant business, as it saves you from having to move the parasol as the sun rotates.

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