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Brazier restaurant terrace

Restaurant patio fire pits are a great way to decorate a restaurant and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. These braziers are perfect for summer evenings and can be used to heat food or to grill meats and vegetables. Restaurant patio braziers are also ideal for winter evenings, as they can help heat the air and create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.

You can choose to equip your restaurant terrace with different types of braziers:

  • Gas braziers are the most common and are easy to use. They can be set to heat the air or to grill food.
  • Electric braziers are also popular and are ideal for narrow patios or places where there is no room for a gas brazier.
  • Ethanol braziers are also very convenient, as they do not require gas or electricity. You can simply add ethanol to the tank and light the burner. These braziers are perfect for summer evenings because they can create a nice and warm atmosphere.

A restaurant, bar, hotel or nightclub can choose to install coffee table braziers or high table braziers. The fire in the center of the coffee table or high table is very welcoming for customers and can create a friendly atmosphere. There are also braziers to place on the terrace, as a design object in its own right. There are beautiful braziers in cast iron, brushed stainless steel, copper or aluminum. Some models are equipped with a removable tank for easy filling and cleaning. Restaurant patio braziers are very popular in high-end and luxury establishments.

The category Brasero Design offers many models of very contemporary braziers, intended for professionals such as architects, designers, event companies or owners of establishments.

The quality of the furniture and its resistance makes it suitable for intensive use in bars, restaurants, bar terraces, communities, hotels, etc.

Plancha and barbecue braziers

Among our numerous models of braziers, we propose particularly convivial braziers for shared meals: the plancha barbecue braziers!

Indeed, these models of brazier, very practical, present a grid in the middle of the table, which will allow to cook food, while the guests will be gathered around the table. They will be able to enjoy a convivial meal while cooking food in the center of the table. These models of high tables brazier or mange-debout plancha are ideal to arrange the outside of a professional restaurant. They will add a unique touch to your decor, and these tables will set you apart from other restaurants. Create a unique dining experience for your customers with plancha braziers and barbecue braziers!

Ethanol patio brazier

You will find in our offer of braziers, models that run on bioethanol. Bioethanol is an ethyl alcohol of plant origin, made from wheat, beet or Jerusalem artichoke, which can be used as fuel. This energy source is sustainable and ecological. Choose a bioethanol brazier model to meet your heating needs while respecting the environment! An ethanol brazier is a practical, maintenance-free, ecological and decorative heating device. Thanks to the ethanol patio brazier, create a beautiful outdoor atmosphere and a space where your guests feel good.

Terrace brazier : which material to choose ?

A brazier is a refined and design object that finds its place in a luxury and high-end style decoration. Available in different colors (black, white, charcoal gray, light gray...) and finishes (cast iron, wood)... It will suit any type of contemporary and design decoration.

Cast iron patio brazier

Cast iron is a ferrous metal alloy, mainly made of iron and carbon. Very resistant, this material is often used for the solid equipment of terrace, since it gives them a resistant and durable side. Cast iron braziers are quite simple in terms of design, which is why Barazzi prefers to offer composite concrete or wood braziers for a more refined and upscale style.

Wooden patio fire pans

Among our range of fire pans, you can choose a fire pit made of wood. Wood is a noble and warm material, very appreciated in the modern and contemporary decoration. We offer many models of wooden braziers of all sizes. In addition, we offer braziers that work with the use of wood logs, such as the famous AK47 design brazier. The fireplace of a brazier working with wood logs is extremely pleasant and friendly, to spend a good time around the fire and the warmth of the flames outside.

Composite concrete brazier

You can also opt for a composite concrete brazier, a very fashionable material in decoration. Composite concrete brings sobriety and minimalism, and will easily integrate with any type of contemporary decoration. The colors of light or dark gray brazier are particularly sought after to decorate the terraces of restaurants or luxury hotels.

Brazier table

If you are looking for an outdoor heating solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, you can turn to patio brazier tables. Some brazier table models act as a stand-up table, while others are more like garden coffee tables. No matter what height table you need, we have many products to choose from, at all price points.

Buy a brazier online

Buy braziers online at Barazzi: many products available, secure payment, good prices, fast delivery and available customer service. All patio furniture andequipment is available on our site. Check out our different products!

On our Barazzi site, we offer several must-have brands of braziers. Find the top of the line EcoSmart Fire, AK47, Italkero, Vulx and Gasco tabletop braziers, and the beautiful Glowbus design braziers. Barazzi has chosen the top of the line for professional furnishings.

The brazier is an ideal accessory to decorate a restaurant. It can be installed on the terrace or in the garden, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. Barazzi's braziers are made in Italy and Spain and are designed to withstand the elements. They are also very safe, thanks to their automatic closing system.

The Italkero, Vulx and Gasco braziers are perfect for restaurant terraces. They can be installed in the center of the table, and allow to heat the food while decorating it. The Glowbus design braziers are ideal for creating a unique atmosphere in a restaurant. They are available in different colors, and can be controlled remotely with their remote control.