EcosSmart Fire Base 40 Fire Table


The Base 40 fire pit will fit perfectly into your indoor or outdoor spaces. Robust and very resistant, it requires little or no maintenance. Make Base 40 your centre for relaxation and entertainment. This multi-function table gives you the best of both worlds – a coffee table and fire pit combined.

Available in various colors, the fire pit will make your garden party a little bit more cosy.

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Product details

Description of Base 40

This fire pit table, which can be put outdoors and indoors is the perfect excuse to gather everyone together on a chilly night. EcoSmart Fire garden braziers are suitable for both an outdoor space and a contemporary outdoor room. The simple and elegant shape of the object instantly beautifies any space.

Larger than its little sister Base 30, Base 40 will guarantee you to have amazing memories around its mesmerizing flames! This fire pit table is a mobile brazier that does not require any special installation and will perfectly complement your indoor or outdoor space.

  • Volume capacity: 8L
  • Heats on average: 60m²
  • Burn time: 7 - 11 hours


Available in several colors: Bone, Graphite, Natural and Teak.

ecosmart-fire-base-40-bone ecosmart-fire-base-40-graphite

 ecosmart-fire-base-40-natural ecosmart-fire-base-40-teak

Bioethanol Fire pit

The Base 40 table is fuelled by environmentally friendly e-NRG bioethanol. The bioethanol fireplace is both a decorative object and an additional heater.

It works thanks to a tank filled with ethanol. The user lights the burner and the combustion releases real flames and creates a heat source.

The appliance does not produce smoke, and therefore does not need a flue.

Why is bioethanol environmentally friendly?

Bioethanol is considered a renewable energy because it is a fuel created from agricultural by-products and burns cleanly: without smoke and soot. The plant raw materials (or biomass) are renewed every year, which makes bioethanol stoves sustainable. In addition, this means of combustion reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels.

Included Accessories

Ignition accessories : Fire Lighter, Lighting Rid, Jerry Can 5L, Bottle adapter, Black Glass Charcoal, AB8 Efficiency Ring

Ecosmart-fire-lighter-safety-accessory-stainless-steel Ecosmart-fire-bioethanol-lighting-rod-safety-accessory-stainless-steel Ecosmart-fire-bioethanol-jerry-can-5l-safety-accessory Ecosmart-fire-bioethanol-bottle-adaptor-safety-accessory Ecosmart-fire-black-glass-charcoal-decorative-black ecosmart-fire-efficienty-ring

Technical drawing

ecosmart-fire-base-40-fire-pit-table-front ecosmart-fire-base-40-fire-pit-table-up



  • Material Base : Fluid concrete or Premium Teak Wood ; Burner : stainless steel
  • Use Indoor & Outdoor
  • Height 339 mm
  • Width 1000 mm
  • Brand EcoSmart Fire
  • Autonomy (h) 7 hours - 11 hours

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