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A brazier, or brazier, is a heating device generally used outdoors, although some models are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The advantages of an ethanol brazier

Ethanol fireplaces have become very popular in recent years. Indeed, they combine many advantages. They are practical, maintenance-free, ecological and even decorative. Ethanol fireplaces are both decorative objects and means of heating

Their operation is simple: they contain a tank filled with ethanol, which allows combustion through a burner.

The garden or terrace brazier will be perfect to decorate a restaurant or hotel exterior. The heat produced by the brazier, very pleasant, allows to spend a pleasant moment around the fire. The combustion releases real flames, but without the inconvenience of smoke and soot. With the ethanol combustion system, the installation is very simple. The ethanol braziers can be moved without any problem since they do not require a flue.

Ethanol or bioethanol: what is the difference?

Between the two terms, the difference in meaning is significant. While bioethanol is derived from the distillation of plants such as cereals or beets,ethanol can come from oil. Indeed, ethanol can be produced from fossil fuels, thanks to the hydrolysis of ethylene, which is a petrochemical product.

On our Barazzi website, you can find EcoSmart Fire Bio Ethanol Braziers. These eco-friendly braziers allow you to create a warm indoor or outdoor space. Available in several models, shapes, sizes and colors, ethanol fireplaces will provide their users with a moment of pure well-being

Why is bioethanol ecological?

Bioethanol, created from agricultural by-products, is considered a renewable energy. Indeed, the raw materials (or biomass) are renewed every year, which makes bioethanol fireplaces sustainable

Moreover, the fire produced by ethanol fireplaces does not produce smoke, soot or ashes. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels.

Our braziers and ethanol fireplaces are ideal solutions to decorate your outdoor spaces of restaurants, nightclubs, or hotels. Very design, they will bring a touch of luxury to your space where your customers will feel directly welcomed.