Nova 850 Fire Pit - EcoSmart Fire


Designed specifically for outdoor use, this EcoSmart Fire bioethanol brazier will add a designer touch to your outdoor spaces.

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Included Accessories

Ignition accessories : Fire Lighter, Lighting Rid, Jerry Can 5L, Bottle adapter, Black Glass Charcoal, AB8 Efficiency Ring

Ecosmart-fire-lighter-safety-accessory-stainless-steel Ecosmart-fire-bioethanol-lighting-rod-safety-accessory-stainless-steel Ecosmart-fire-bioethanol-jerry-can-5l-safety-accessory 

Ecosmart-fire-bioethanol-bottle-adaptor-safety-accessory Ecosmart-fire-black-glass-charcoal-decorative-black ecosmart-fire-efficienty-ring



  • Material Concrete Composite, Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions 850 mm x 850 mm x 310 mm
  • Weight 43.9 kg
  • Brand EcoSmart Fire
  • Autonomy (h) 7h - 9h

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