Wharf 65 Fire Table - Ecosmart Fire


Mixing the simplicity of an outdoor fire pit with the functionality of a standalone table, Wharf 65 is a fire table that will add style and practicality to any architectural environment.

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Product details

Wharf 65 is perfect for your courtyards, patios, pool decks and terrace spaces. Its natural colour palette and the perfect blend of fire, which is smokeless, will provide a warm and inviting environment to gather and relax all year around! Make the most of Wharf 65 to have memorable moments!

  • Fuel capacity: 9L
  • Heats on average : 60m²
  • Burn time: 8 hours - 13 hours


Available in four colors: Bone, Graphite, Natural and Teak.

ecosmart-fire-wharf-65-bone ecosmart-fire-wharf-65-graphite 

ecosmart-fire-wharf-65-natural ecosmart-fire-wharf-65-teak

Included Accessories

Ignition accessories : Fire Lighter, Lighting Rid, Jerry Can 5L, Bottle adapter, Black Glass Charcoal, 2 XL Baffles

/Ecosmart-fire-lighter-safety-accessory-stainless-steel Ecosmart-fire-bioethanol-lighting-rod-safety-accessory-stainless-steel Ecosmart-fire-bioethanol-jerry-can-5l-safety-accessory

 Ecosmart-fire-bioethanol-bottle-adaptor-safety-accessory Ecosmart-fire-black-glass-charcoal-decorative-black Ecosmart-fire-XL-baffles

Bioethanol Fire Pit : what is the advantage ?

Bioethanol is a renewable and sustainable energy source based on pure alcohol. Bioethanol fires are the most environmentally friendly fires available today. With no smoke, soot or ashes, your clean burning bioethanol fire can even be used indoors!

Technical drawing

ecosmart-fire-wharf-65-fire-pit-table-front ecosmart-fire-wharf-65-fire-pit-table-top



  • Material Base : Fluid concrete or Premium Teak Wood ; Burner : stainless steel
  • Use Indoor & Outdoor
  • Dimensions 1650 mm x 1000 mm x 339 mm
  • Weight 105.1kg
  • Brand EcoSmart Fire
  • Autonomy (h) 8 hours - 13 hours

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