DEWDROP XL Garden Steel Fire Pit GLOWBUS


The DEWDROP XL outdoor brazier is made of corten steel. Very resistant, it is particularly suitable for intensive professional use. An art and functional object, it beautifully adorns the restaurant terrace, garden and hotel park.

The Belgian brand GLOWBUS offers you with this outdoor fireplace to combine authentic handmade craftsmanship and modern technique for your outdoor decoration.

Product details

DEWDROP XL is an outdoor fire pit. It is made of very resistant corten steel. Its stylized flame shape makes it both sculptural and functional. Between design and play of light, it will be perfect for decorating a garden or a hotel park. It can also heat a restaurant terrace, 8 to 25 people can sit around. It can be used by professionals in the hotel and catering industry intensively.

This outdoor fireplace was designed by Andreas Ketels, mixing modern techniques and more authentic craftsmanship. It is handmade and uses durable materials.

The Belgian brand Glowbus is committed to creating responsible, sustainable objects and takes care to reduce its ecological footprint, particularly during delivery or by supporting associations working for the conservation of nature.


  • Color and materials: the DEWDROP size XL brazier is available in Corten steel, a rust-colored weathering steel.

Corten steel GLOWBUS Dewdrop

  • Dimensions of DEWDROP XL: Height = 150 cm / Diameter = 100 cm / Weight = 425 kg

Dimensions Dewdrop XL Glowbus

  • Number of places: 8 to 25 people can sit all around the brazier on a minimum surface of 400x400 cm. The base of the ashtray measures 120x120 cm.

Nombre Place Dewdrop XL Glowbus

  • Weather resistance: The XL DEWDROP outdoor fireplace is resistant to all weather conditions. Corten steel is resistant to temperatures ranging from -1000 ° C to + 1000 ° C. Thanks to its shape and weight, the brazier can withstand winds of up to 200 km / h.

  • Movement: The DEWDROP XL weighs 425 kg, it is necessary to have a mechanical lifting device in order to move it. The ash collection tray is not attached to the fireplace, which facilitates movement.

  • Surface: For optimal installation, place the fireplace on sand, gravel or grass.

  • Maintenance: No special maintenance is required, other than removing the ashes from the chimney, if it is not used for a long period of time.

  • Personalization: It is possible to personalize the ash collection tray with the text of your choice or your logo, up to 35 characters including spaces. Contact us for more information and access to technical specifications.

Glowbus Dewdrop Personalization Brasero

  • Sustainable and responsible brazier: Corten steel provides foolproof durability. Its high density oxide skin (rust layer), which cuts steel from the air, is very protective. Plus, every DEWDROP purchase from GLOWBUS is environmentally sustainable. With each purchase, a sum is donated to an organization working for the conservation of nature and allows the planting of 25 trees.

Brasero Responsable Durable Dewdrop Globus

For any special request, our team is there to support and advise you. Contact us:

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  • Brand Glowbus
  • Condition New


  • Material Corten Steel
  • Use Outdoor
  • Designer Andreas Ketels
  • Dimensions 65 x 100 cm
  • Weight 150 kg
  • Brand GLOWBUS
  • Made in Belgium
  • Guarantee (year) 1
  • Collection Dewdrop

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