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Outdoor lighted flowerpots: beautiful design objects

A lighted flowerpot is a flowerpot equipped with a device to diffuse light. The lighted flowerpot can be used as a source of ambient light in a room, as a decorative element or to illuminate a potted plant.

The lighted flowerpot usually consists of a plastic or glass pot, a removable plant container, a stand and a power cord. The pot can be equipped with an LED bulb or an incandescent lamp, and the removable container can be made of glass or clear plastic. The lighted flower pot can be placed on a table or on the floor, and can be hung from the ceiling or walls.

The lighted flowerpot can be used to create amood lighting effect in a room. It can also be used to illuminate a potted plant, which is especially useful if the plant is placed in a dark area of the room. The lighted flower pot can also be used as a source of ambient light when placed in a location away from the main light source in the room.

Lighted outdoor planter XXL

Large lighted flowerpots are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer many advantages. Indeed, thanks to their XXL size, they can contain many plants and create a nice green area in your garden or on your balcony. Moreover, thanks to their integrated lighting system, they can create a nice light effect at night. Because of their large size, XXL flowerpots are essential decorative elements to decorate a restaurant, hotel, bar or nightclub terrace. They are magnificent objects of outdoor decoration.

Lighted flowerpots for restaurant and hotel

The Lighted Planter category offers many models of very contemporary lighted planters, intended for professionals such as architects, designers, event companies or owners of establishments.

The quality of the materials used for the pots and their resistance make them suitable for demanding environments such as restaurants, bars, bar terraces, communities, hotels, discotheques, etc.

Whatever your layout projects, we have the furniture and equipment to meet your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not see them at first glance. If you are looking for other types of flowerpots, please visit our Large Flowerpot, Rectangular Planter pages.