FUSION HIGH WOOD - BBQ Table For 8 Persons


The VULX FUSION MEDIUM BOIS outdoor table is also a bbq and a brazier. An all-in-one concept to liven up your restaurant terrace or your events.

This restaurant table can accommodate up to 8 people around the circular tray. Your customers can grill their own food. Discover this very resistant original table, made in France!

Multiple versions of this product exist. Contact us for information or a personalized quote.


By phone +33 2 52 44 52 58

Multiple versions of this product exist. Contact us for

Multiple versions of this product exist. Contact us for information or a personalized quote.


By phone +33 2 52 44 52 58

information or a personalized quote.


By phone +33 2 52 44 52 58

Product details

The VULX FUSION Brasero Plancha table is a unique, all-in-one concept, combining a restaurant table for the outdoors, barbecue and brazier. This round table is made in France! He obtained the silver medal at the Lépine competition in 2018.

1- A table for a restaurant terrace

It is a multifunctional table allowing to furnish the terrace of its restaurant while proposing a unique concept of grilling to do yourself. A friendly moment and guaranteed sharing! This large restaurant outdoor table can accommodate up to 8 guests.

Garden table with stainless steel plancha and brazier FUSION by VULX

2- A barbecue plancha table

The circular table top allows uniform access to the hob and the hearth for your customers arranged all around. Everyone is free to cook their own food of all types or to watch one of your cooks do it in front of them, at a reception or for an event dinner for example. It is a very original concept to use for all types of receptions, events or dinner shows.

Making burgers on the high table outdoor brazier wood barbecue FUSION HIGH from VULX

3- A Brasero table

The FUSION MEDIUM BOIS Table is also a brazier. Thanks to the burners, a gentle warmth emanates from his foot. You can use your terrace most of the year, even in mid-season.

Cooking systems offered:

  • Wood
  • Gas & Wood (convertible in 2 minutes) optional.

The outdoor table FUSION MEDIUM is offered here with a wood cooking system. The basin can accommodate 33 cm wooden logs.

Systeme BOIS mange debout grill fusion VULX

In addition to cooking on the stainless steel plancha, you can opt for a central gril to be placed above the hearth.

FUSION MEDIUM WOOD Outdoor table Brazier Barbecue 8 seats VULX

Convertible gas version, is powered by three circular burners, placed under the stainless steel cooking plate. Adjustment knobs placed under the HPL tray allow very precise adjustment of cooking and temperature.

Systeme Gaz propane mange debout grill fusion VULX

The gas bottle (not supplied) is placed in the foot of the high table. Also provide a gas pipe of 1m30.

This table model with integrated gas plancha is suitable for outdoor use only. For indoor use, discover the indoor model adapted with thermocouple option.


  • Table top: 130 cm in diameter
  • High table foot height: 80 cm
  • Cooking plate: 72 cm in diameter

Table top and Leg:

The circular plate is made of HPL material. It is slate gray in color. It is very resistant in particular to scratches, weathering but also to heat.

The foot is made of metal. Inside you will find the fat catcher.

Socle mange de bout grill fusion VULX

This recuperator as well as the cooking plate are very easy to maintain using a special plancha degreaser.

In order to move the bar table easily, invisible casters are integrated under the base.

Foot colors, available in Epoxy paint (water and heat resistant):

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Custom color (contact us to customize your bar table)
  • Corten steel (rusty effect) available at an additional cost.

Exemples de couleurs disponibles table haute Plancha brasero FUSION VULX

Many accessories are also available as an option with a supplement:

  • Protective cover in stainless steel
  • Full protective cover or only for the tray.
  • A central HPL tray to transform your plancha into a complete table.
  • A stainless steel champagne bucket with its hubcap.

Options table haute Plancha brasero FUSION VULX

Other Brasero plancha tables are available (gas, wood, convertible, indoor version). Discover them below or directly in our dedicated "Plancha Brazier" category.


  • Brand Vulx
  • Condition New


  • Use Outdoor
  • Brand VULX
  • Made in France
  • Guarantee (year) 2
  • Collection Fusion

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