Bar Table Brazier LAVA HIGH


The LAVA brazier table is a high gas table with an integrated brazier, specially designed for outdoor use. A convivial space with a central fireplace, this table invites you to share moments together! 

Product details

Create extra comfort on the terrace or in your garden with a high table with a built-in fireplace.

  • Height: 103cm
  • Heating radius is 30m2
  • Gas consumption: 450 gr/hour – max 870 gr/hour
  • Several dimensions of the tray are available: 90x90, 100x100, 120x120
  • Switch and a flame control device included

Two table tops are available:

  • Compact: 12mm thick 
  • Topalit: a thickness of 30 mm

Compact Tops

Because of their texture, compact table tops are very easy to maintain. In addition, they are resistant to different types of weather conditions, and may be used both inside and outside.

They are resistant to:
- Impact resistant
- Scratch resistant
- Resistant to bending
- Resistant to freezing and heat -80° C to 180°C
- Resistant to solvents and chemicals
- Resistant to moisture and water vapor

Available colors:

  • Topalit - Atacama cherry
  • Topalit/compact - white
  • Compact - rustic brown
  • Compact - antracite
  • Topalit - grey
  • Tapalit/compact - black
  • Other colors on the request


Topalit Top 

Made with extreme heat and pressure that has no seams, therefore it is extremely moisture and impact resistant. The surface is resistant to/ weather conditions, high temperature, UV radiation. 

The barbecue grill is available as an option, the price is 370,00€

The protective cover is available, the price is 110€


  • Brand Gasco
  • Reference
  • Condition New


  • Material Metal, Types of tops: topalit, compact, solid wood
  • Use Outdoor
  • Dimensions Height: 103cm, Tray: 90x90, 100x100, 120x120.
  • Brand GASCO
  • Made in Croatia

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