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The terrace separator for restaurant is an element of separation between the different areas of the restaurant, allowing to create a more intimate space for the customers. It can be made of differentmaterials, such as wood, wrought iron or glass, and can be decorated with plants, lights or any otherdecoration.

To provide additional comfort to your customers, to delimit spaces on your bar or restaurant terrace, the terrace windbreaks offered by Barazzi meet your needs. Aesthetically pleasing and durable, these terrace windbreaks come in several models.

Very practical, the professional terrace dividers not only provide protection from the wind, but also add style and act as a privacy screen to protect from traffic on streets and roads. They provide more privacy for your customers, who can enjoy your deck or garden while being protected from wind, noise, and unpleasant views.

Choosing an effective windscreen for restaurants

In the restaurant business, it is important to be concerned about the well-being of your customers. As a restaurant owner, you have a taste for service and want to provide all the comfort your customers need. To optimize the comfort of your terrace, you will have to think about the installation of a screen or windscreen to delimit your terrace and protect your customers from wind, sun and intrusive looks. An ideal screen for restaurants must be beautiful, resistant, effective in blocking the wind and the sun's rays, and easy to move.

Removable patio divider

A patio divider is a portable item, which can be easily moved and installed wherever you want. Thus, a deck divider is a removable object, which can be placed in different places, depending on the layout of your deck and the spacing you want between your different deck tables.

Advantages of a removable terrace divider

When you own a restaurant, it is important to design your patio to be welcoming to your customers. This is because the patio is often where people spend time outside when they are eating at a restaurant. As such, it's crucial that your patio is pleasant to look at and use.

One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your deck is to install a removable deck divider. This type of divider allows you to delineate the space on your deck so that your customers can enjoy their meal in a quiet and pleasant area. In addition, this type of divider is often easy to move, allowing you to use it to separate different areas of your deck according to your needs. All in all, a removable patio divider is a great way to improve the look of your patio and make your restaurant more inviting for your customers

Decorative patio divider

A patio divider is not only an object that will protect you from the wind. In fact, dividers are decorative panels that also act as a privacy screen and high-end decoration, for a beautiful terrace protected from wind, noise, and view. The terrace divider allows you to create a cocoon where your customers feel comfortable and calm. Choose a high-end privacy screen from our carefully selected products. Very resistant and stable, our professional terrace dividers can be installed on the terrace, in the garden or on a balcony, to protect your guests from the breeze, the view and the sun. They can be used to delimit spaces to create a pleasant outdoor environment for your customers.

Glass or fabric terrace windscreen

You have set up your outdoor space with patio chairs, patio tables, patio armchairs and garden sofas, and you want to complete your installation with dividers to perfect your decoration? Are you looking for a windscreen made of glass or microperforated fabric?

On our Barazzi website, we have chosen to offer you models of windbreakers made of micro-perforated fabric with an aluminum structure and a high quality steel base. Our terrace dividers are made of a micro-perforated fabric panel, which allows natural air circulation, for better resistance to strong winds. Thanks to this fabric, our dividers are extremely stable, no matter the wind speed. Moreover, the fabrics are available in several colors, which will allow you to decorate your terrace with the color of your choice: black, charcoal gray, light gray, white, earth red... This very technical and high quality fabric guarantees resistance to tearing, ultraviolet rays and mildew.