Central Pole Parasol

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Umbrellas with a center stand are very practical, as they can be easily moved from one place to another. They are also stable and can be easily opened and closed. Center stand umbrellas are also ideal for small terraces, as they do not take up much space. Center stand umbrellas offer very good protection from the sun and weather.

Do you need a center stand umbrella for your restaurant or hotel terrace? You don't know which model to choose? To choose your parasol, you must first determine what you will use it for. Do you want to use it to protect your customers from the sun? To create a shaded area in your restaurant? Or both?

Next, consider the size of your deck. The larger it is, the more you will need a large umbrella. Finally, you need to choose a parasol model adapted to your type of clientele. If you have a clientele mainly composed of families, opt for a model with a central stand, more stable and safer.

In summary, to choose the right restaurant umbrella, you must first determine what you will use it for, then take into account the size of your terrace and finally, choose a model adapted to your type of customers.

Advantages of a center stand umbrella

  • A center stand umbrella offers a larger coverage area than side stand umbrellas.
  • A center stand umbrella is more stable than side stand umbrellas, making it less likely to fall or tip over. This makes the center pole umbrella very resistant to strong winds.
  • A center stand umbrella can be easier to install and use than side stand umbrellas.

Professional restaurant umbrellas in all shapes

A professional parasol can take many shapes, in order to perfectly fit your terrace decoration wishes. Indeed, a professional parasol can be round, as well as square, and to cover large areas of terrace or garden, the parasol can be double or even quadruple! So, no matter if you have a small or large restaurant terrace, you will be able to find the parasol you need.

Moreover, there are different sizes and colors, but also with wooden or metal structures. In this selection of professional products, we present you theparasols with central stand, which offer them a better stability and wind resistance. The aluminum structure of our umbrellas gives them a good solidity while making them easy to move.

The different shapes of parasols with central stand

  • Round central foot umbrella
  • Square center stand umbrella
  • Double umbrella with central foot
  • Quadruple parasol with center stand

Buy a professional center-post parasol

The center stand umbrella is ideal for professionals who want to buy a quality umbrella. This parasol model is made of aluminum and has a stainless steel center stand. It also has a locking system for greater stability.

On our Barazzi website, we offer many professional umbrellas with center stand. Our high quality parasols offer a nice shade area and comfort to your customers. With our umbrellas from top furniture brands such as Fim, your customers won't get too hot in the sun and can enjoy a drink or a meal at your table, even in the hottest weather. Our professional parasols are very wind resistant and can be installed on all types of terraces.

The parasol with a central stand is ideal to protect yourself from the sun while enjoying the view. Some models are equipped with a tilting canvas that will allow you to adapt to the position of the sun.

To choose the ideal parasol for your restaurant, we invite you to discover our selection of parasols on our website. You will find umbrellas of different sizes, shapes and colors. You will be able to choose the model that best suits your interior design and the atmosphere you wish to create in your restaurant.

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