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The Professional Patio Heaters category offers many models of contemporary patio heaters for professionals such as architects, designers, event companies and business owners.

The quality of the materials used for the equipment and their resistance makes them suitable for intensive use in bars, restaurants, terraces, communities, hotels, discotheques, etc.

Professional gas patio heater

The patio heater allows you to prolong your outdoor moments even when it is cold. Your customers can enjoy a pleasant and diffuse heat produced by the terrace or garden heater. There are different types of outdoor heaters: suspended heaters, floor heaters, gas heaters, electric heaters... Some tips to help you make your choice!

Suspended gas patio heater

The suspended parasol is a heating device that can be installed in front of a restaurant, bar or hotel, since it can be fixed high up, on the front of the wall or on the ceiling. The suspended patio heater has the advantage of saving you space while providing a pleasant warmth above the customers.

Gas patio heater on the ground

The models of patio heaters are design objects, which can have different shapes: mushroom heater, pyramid heater, flame heater ... These models will fit easily on the terrace of a restaurant, to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Gas or electric heated umbrellas: what to choose?

Advantages of gas heated umbrellas

Gas heated umbrellas are autonomous and very efficient means of heating medium or large surfaces. Thanks to their gas supply, which is a reliable and powerful energy source, these auxiliary heaters have a good autonomy and can be placed wherever you want since they do not require any connection.

In comparison, electric outdoor heaters are odorless heaters, but less convenient, since they require an electrical connection. They are more suitable for small and medium-sized areas to be heated. For example, in the restaurant industry, we recommend gas patio heaters. Thanks to professional gas heaters, cafe terraces, balconies and gardens can be just as pleasant in winter as in summer.

Buy professional terrace equipment

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On our website, you can buy online all the restaurant equipment you need: good prices, secure payment, fast delivery and available customer service. If you want to furnish your space with hot tables, we also have a solution for you: Brazier Tables! These tables are design objects that bring warmth to the guests thanks to the production of flames in the center of the table. Our garden braziers run on Ethanol, a sustainable and ecological heating solution. Check out our products and ask for a quote if you want to buy in bulk!