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Are you a restaurant professional looking for large parasols to equip the terrace or garden of your restaurant, bar, hotel, bistro or nightclub? Barazzi offers large parasols for caf és, hotels and restaurants.

We offer a wide range of furniture for the restaurant and hotel industry. In our large professional umbrellas category, we offer 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 umbrellas, offset umbrellas, round umbrellas, rectangular umbrellas, umbrellaswith stand, half umbrellas... Barazzi has selected for you the best in high-end furniture for professionals. Our large canvas umbrellas are designed to fit out the terrace or garden of high-end or luxury restaurants or hotels.

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The category Large Parasol offers many models of parasols with XXL dimensions and design, manufactured in Europe and intended for professionals such as architects, designers, event companies or owners of establishments.

The quality of the materials used and their resistance make them suitable for the fitting out of lounge areas, restaurants, bars, bar terraces, communities, hotels, discotheques, etc. Our parasols with matte finish canvas, high quality fabric and aluminum or wood base are real design objects that will bring an extra touch of decoration to your space.

Whatever your design projects, we have the furniture and equipment to meet your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not see them at first glance.

Giant parasol 5x5 4x4 5x3

To protect the terrace or the garden from the sun, there is nothing better than a large parasol to cover the space with shade and coolness. A large parasol will be ideal to shade a large terrace where there are several outdoor tables. In fact, depending on the space you have, you will have to choose the umbrella that can cover the entire area concerned. You will have to look for a large parasol, with a large shading surface. For example, a 5x5 square parasol has a shading surface of 25 m2.

Depending on the style you want to give to your terrace, you can choose between square, rectangular or rounded parasols. There are also semi-round or " half-round " umbrellas, which can be installed along the front of a building. A wall-mounted parasol is very practical for a small terrace.

Large deported parasol

An offset umbrella, also known as an off-center umbrella, is an umbrella equipped with an eccentric or rotating articulated arm, which makes it easy to adjust the position of the umbrella. Indeed, the articulated arm allows to position the cloth according to the sun orientation, in order to obtain an optimal shade area. This type of tiltable parasol is highly sought after for its practicality, but also for its shading quality and design. An offset umbrella has by definition a foot positioned on the side, so as not to interfere with the shade area under the umbrella. The umbrella with an offset foot is generally more practical than an umbrella with a central foot. The position of the aluminum side legs is particularly sought after in the area of bar-restaurant and hotel terraces.

The large parasols offset in the form of rectangle shade panels are very design and ideal to take place in a garden, a terrace or a poolside. They are very qualitative and high-end models, to create a luxury space.

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Buy a large professional parasol on Barazzi for good sun protection: wide choice of products, quality, good resistance to wind and intensive use. Beautiful canvas design, easy opening and closing.

Simple and secure online shopping, good prices, online payment, fast delivery. Customer service at your disposal to help you in your choice of large parasol for terrace or professional garden.