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Are you a restaurant professional looking for patio furniture to equip the terrace of your restaurant, bar, hotel, bistro or nightclub? Barazzi offersoutdoor furniture for caf és, hotels and restaurants.

We offer a wide range of furniture for restaurant and hotel professionals. In our restaurant terrace furniture category, you will find a complete range of products to equip your outdoor area: terrace bar, terrace table, terrace chair, terrace stool, outdoor pouffe, sun lounger, outdoor design sofa, outdoor design bench, outdoor bar shelf..

Barazzi, specialist in professional furniture, has selected for you the best inhigh-end furniture for your restaurant business. Our timeless designer furniture will surprise your customers and give them the comfort they are looking for when they come to your establishment.

Professional patio furniture

Barazzi offers the best outdoor furniture for professional use. You will find a wide selection of tables, chairs, sunbeds and terrace equipment (parasol, brazier, screened in patio...) for outdoor use, in a garden, by the pool... These professional quality outdoor furniture will also fit perfectly with all the furnishing projects of bars, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs (CHR).

The outdoor furniture selected by our teams meets many criteria of choice. In addition to the design of the furniture, we pay particular attention to the resistance of the proposed products. Outdoor furniture needs to be more resistant than traditional furniture. Particularly exposed to the elements and intensive use, restaurant patio furniture must be resistant to ensure its durability. That's why Barazzi has chosen to work with leading furniture brands that are particularly well known in the furniture industry for their high quality.

If you want to equip a restaurant with beautiful designer furniture and give it a modern and upscale look, you've come to the right place! Barazzi has selected for you a set of furniture that will allow you to perfectly equip your restaurant or hotel terrace.

Terrace lounge furniture

Do you want to create a lounge style to welcome your customers in the greatest comfort? You are right! The lounge style, which comes from the English word meaning lounge or bar, means today much more than that. The lounge style is a decorating concept, a trend, an atmosphere. The lounge spirit has been adopted by many bars and restaurants.

Thelounge spirit is furniture that invites you to rest after a hard day's work. The furniture is comfortable, welcoming and beautiful. The furniture brands we offer on our site advocate comfort and aesthetics above all.

This designer patio furniture is sure to bring style to your restaurant patio. You can choose from our outdoor sofas and outdoor coffee tables to create a comfortable seating area. Don't forget to check out our lighted furniture section as well. Indeed, the lighted furniture could be a solution of choice to create your bar or restaurant lounge.

Overall, when choosing your patio lounge furniture, you'll want to make sure that you select furniture that is designer and incredibly comfortable. Furniture with beautiful lines that fit the body and invite a moment of relaxation. The decoration of your lounge should be chosen with care.

If you need advice, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service, who will be able to guide you through our various products. Buy online and have it delivered directly to your place of business!

Garden furniture: what are the trends?

Garden furniture is an important element of the design of your outdoor space. It is therefore important to choose it well so that it is in harmony with the rest of your decoration. But what is the trend in terms of garden furniture?

There are several trends in terms of garden furniture. The first trend is wood furniture. Wood is a natural material that brings a warm touch to your garden. It is also very durable and can be easily maintained.

The second trend is metal furniture. Metal is a modern and elegant material that will give a contemporary look to your garden. It is also very durable and easy to maintain.

The third trend is plastic furniture. Plastic is an inexpensive and easy to maintain material. However, it is not as durable as wood or metal and can quickly become dull.

Finally, the last trend is multifunctional furniture. This is furniture that can be transformed into different elements, such as a table, chair, bench or even a bed. This type of furniture is very practical and can easily adapt to any space.