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The SABAL four-seater corner sofa from the Italian brand CORO is a modular fabric sofa, suitable for outdoor use. This model is composed of two side tables at the ends. This fabric corner sofa is perfect for furnishing the Terrace of your Hotel or Bar.

This chic piece of garden furniture is very durable and easy to clean.

Multiple versions of this product exist. Contact us for information or a personalized quote.

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Product details

The SABAL SOFA fabric outdoor corner sofa by CORO is 100% made in Italy.

With its steel structure, its clean and modern line immediately sets the tone and atmosphere of your business establishment: hotel, bar, beach club, etc.. Your customers will appreciate resting on it.

You can place it indoors, in a lounge, or outdoors, on a terrace. This fabric sofa creates a warm atmosphere wherever it is!

The SABAL 4 seater corner sofa is proposed here with two side tables. The SABAL sofa model from CORO is modular and many versions are available:

  • 2, 3, 5 seats or more...
  • linear sofas,
  • corner sofas,
  • with integrated shelf(s), white, black or teak top.
  • with or without armrest(s),
  • etc.

Some examples of possible configurations with SABAL modules:

Différentes compositions possibles du sofa SABAL de CORO

Consult the CORO catalog for more information and to see all the possibilities available to you for the design of your space.

Catalogue Coro

Dimensions of the SABAL SOFA 4 places with 2 side tables of CORO: 3780x1260x530x2520 cm

dimensions 240 dx sx cushion table

dimensions 240 dx sx side table

Contact us to define the orientation of your modules.

Finishes of the SABAL SOFA 4 seater with two shelves:

- Steel structure: Theframe of the outdoor sofa is made of brushed stainless steel: composed of iron, carbonium, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, manganese, silicon, and titanium.


This alloy does not corrode or rust thanks to the chromium which, when exposed to oxygen, forms a thin layer of chromium oxide. This layer constitutes a natural protection.

The steel structure of the garden sofa has a satin finish.

Sofa SABAL 2 places vue arrière canape modulable exterieur en tissu

- Special outdoor fabric GARDEN: Composition 100% PP. Highly resistant to light, wear and tear, traction and the most common stains. This fabric is non-toxic, non-allergic, waterproof, mildew and dust mite resistant. 100% recyclable. It is removable.

40 Colors are available in the GARDEN fabric:

Couleurs disponibles tissu GARDEN


- Side table composition: The SABAL shelf is made of HPL, a compact high pressure laminate (2 mm). It is composed of layers of cellulose fibers impregnated with phenolic resins; the surface by one or more layers of cellulose fibers impregnated with thermosetting resins, ensuring the decorative function. It has a high resistance to impact, water and steam.

- Available colors: White or Black

Maintenance of the modular sofa SABAL by CORO:

To maintain the metal structure, use a damp cloth when the stain is light. Use an abrasive sponge without metal abrasive sponge when the stains are more stubborn. Clean the surface in the satin direction. Use a cloth soaked in a small amount of a solvent-free, water-based cleaning without solvents. Dry the surface carefully to avoid lime deposits.

Ask for the kit consisting of a cloth, an abrasive sponge and a cleaning liquid.

The fabric cover should be washed with water and mild cleaners without alcohol or detergents. Let the fabric dry thoroughly before putting it back on. Wash it at 30° C (max) with water and mild cleaners without bleach. Air dry.

Options available upon request:

  • Teak shelf
  • Additional cushions

Détail canapé modulable SABAL avec la tablette en option

Contact us for more information, choice of fabric and color. We are at your disposal to bring you our expertise in the design of professional spaces.


  • Brand Coro
  • Reference 240 arms + 240 dx-sx side tbl
  • Condition New


  • Material Acier, Tissu GARDEN, HPL
  • Version Angle 4 places 2 tables d'appoint
  • Use Indoor & Outdoor
  • Dimensions 3780x1260x530x2520 cm
  • Brand CORO
  • Made in Italy
  • Guarantee (year) 1

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