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Barazzi offers the best in professional bar furniture. With many references of Terrace Bars, restaurant and hotel professionals will find the right Design Furniture for their needs.

Among this offer, find the different collections of outdoor bars intended for restaurant terrace or bar layout projects and outdoor reception areas. By combining different outdoor bar modules, you can create a unique bar terrace.

Outdoor bar furniture for restaurants

Are you a restaurant professional looking for bar furniture to equip the terrace of your restaurant, bar, hotel, bistro or nightclub? Barazzi offers outdoor bar furniture for cafes, hotels and restaurants.

We offer a wide range of furniture for restaurant and hotel professionals. In our bar furniture category , we offer different types of garden bars to suit your business. A bar furniture, otherwise called bar or mini-bar, is a piece of furniture that allows the storage of alcoholic beverages, with the aim of serving drinks at the bar. Often installed indoors in the main room of the restaurant, it can also be installed outdoors, on the terrace, on a large balcony or in the garden.

Barazzi has selected for you the best in high-end furnishings for professionals. Our designer bar furniture for terraces will bring style to your outdoor decoration. We offer a wide range of garden furniture, various prices, available products, and delivery to your business location.

Patio bar furniture for professionals

Patio furniture must be chosen with care. They must be both design, to bring an extra touch of decoration to your exterior, while being functional to facilitate your professional activity. In addition, the patio bar furniture must meet the needs of practicality and maintenance. Indeed, one of the main things to look for in furniture is ease of cleaning.

In addition, the bar furniture must offer a nice storage capacity, and different functionalities (storage of bottles, shelves with glasses, ice tray...). The design of the professional bar furniture must also be robust and durable.

The bar furniture we offer are of different sizes and can accommodate a variety of guests:

  • 2 pcs bar table furniture for outdoor terrace or garden
  • Bar table 4 pcs for outdoor terrace or garden
  • Table bar 6 pcs for outdoor terrace or garden
  • Bar table 8 pcs for outdoor terrace or garden

Garden bar lounge design

Are you looking for a design garden bar to furnish your terrace or garden of your restaurant or hotel? A garden bar can be installed outside, to allow the service of drinks. Very decorative, our furniture gives style to your outdoor decoration. Our contemporary furniture, with clean and minimalist lines, allows you to furnish your garden while improving your decoration.

To complete your garden bar furniture, you can also buy outdoor bar stools. We also offer terrace tables and terrace chairs. Our sun loungers will also enhance the terrace or the poolside.

Buy professional patio bar furniture

Barazzi, your professional garden furniture supplier, offers a wide range of patio furniture in different materials (polypropylene, polyethylene, wood, resin...):

  • Straight bar furniture
  • Rounded bar furniture, round, curved
  • Composable bar furniture
  • Lounge bar counter
  • Lighted bar furniture

A bar furniture must fit perfectly with your interior design style: white bar furniture, black bar furniture, brown bar furniture, resin bar furniture, woven resin bar furniture, wood bar furniture, lacquered bar furniture, matte bar furniture... Choose the color of the bar furniture that will match the rest of your furnishings, for a nice homogeneity of the space.

Find easily all the details on the furniture, dimensions, characteristics and prices of all the patio furniture we offer for sale. Simple and fast purchase, secure payment, fast delivery, available customer service.