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The outdoor sideboard is a very practical and functional storage unit, which allows you to have your glasses and kitchen utensils within reach. At the ideal height, they allow you to make drinks as well as to serve them. The outdoor sideboards for restaurant terraces come in different shapes and materials. Choose the ideal furniture for your decoration! Our high quality furniture is perfectly adapted to equip the terrace or the garden of a hotel, a restaurant, a café, a bar, a nightclub, a club or a discotheque.

Storage furniture for outdoor terrace

Do you want to furnish your outdoor area with a beautiful, durable piece of furniture that is suitable for patio or garden design? We offer beautiful and functional storage furniture.

The sideboard is a practical piece of furniture, which can be used as a coffee table or a sideboard. Moreover, it is easy to move and can be stored in a corner when not in use. Sideboards are usually made of solid wood or metal. At Barazzi, we also offer sideboards made of woven resin and polyethylene, with a careful finish. They are equipped with drawers or doors for optimal storage. The models are available in different sizes to fit your outdoor space.

The buffet is an ideal piece of furniture to store your restaurant dishes, whether it is glasses, plates, or various accessories. You can also put your kitchen utensils or dishes when you receive guests. If you are looking for a functional and aesthetic piece of furniture for your outdoor terrace, the buffet is ideal. It will allow you to store everything you need, while giving a chic style to your space.

Installed on the terrace of a hotel or a high-end restaurant, the buffet will be perfect to furnish your space. You will be able to have at your disposal all your equipment to carry out your service, to carry out your cocktails, as close as possible to your customers. Near a swimming pool, the buffet gives immediately a luxury and lounge side to your decoration.

Waterproof outdoor storage buffet

An outdoor buffet must be weather resistant and easy to clean. It must also have a good storage volume. Outdoor storage cabinets are perfect for patios and gardens. They should be waterproof and easy to clean. They also have good storage for your kitchen accessories.

Choose a sideboard that has enough storage for your needs: presence of drawers or not, shelves, with or without cupboard doors... For every storage need, you will have the sideboard or cabinet that fits your wish! We also offer outdoor bar shelves, which can be suspended or placed on the ground, depending on the model.

Buy a professional outdoor patio buffet

Buy a professional outdoor patio buffet at the best price. Large choice of outdoor terrace buffet in stock. Fast delivery and secure payment. An outdoor terrace buffet is a practical and aesthetic piece of furniture, ideal for furnishing your terrace or your garden. It allows you to store your kitchen utensils, your dishes and your drinks. You will be able to fully enjoy your outdoor meals. Outdoor sideboards are available in a wide range of styles and materials to suit all tastes and budgets. You can also find on our website terrace furniture: terrace table, terrace chair, outdoor design sofa, outdoor pouffe, etc.