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Are you looking for Design Lighting Furniture to decorate the terrace of a lounge bar, hotel, restaurant or nightclub to create a lounge or trendy bar atmosphere? Discover all the lighted furniture we offer on Barazzi.

Numerous references of chairs, illuminated armchairs and illuminated tables are available with LED or wireless lighting. Professional quality furniture for indoors or outdoors from the leading brands of lighted furniture.

Design luminous furniture

In the lighted furniture category, Barazzi has selected for you a set of LED furniture that will meet all your needs as a restaurant owner or manager of a restaurant.

We offer all the lighted furniture you need to decorate your terrace or interior: lighted bar furniture, lighted bar stools, lighted tables, lighted chairs and armchairs, footstools, lighted stools and benches, lighted sofas, lighted shelves and lighted sunbeds. The luminous furniture of the biggest brands are proposed to you in order to optimize your spaces with beautiful products.

Led furniture, why equip yourself?

The luminous furniture are much more than simple furnishing objects. They meet both a functional need to furnish your space, but also bring light and style to your decoration. That's why Barazzi has selected chic and timeless lighted furniture to complete your high-end decor.

In addition, the bulbs used in the lighting system of this type of furniture have many advantages. Indeed, LED type, these bulbs consume little electricity, for a very good lifespan and an excellent light output.

Led furniture will not have any disadvantage related to the short life of bulbs. The light-emitting diodes have a power consumption 10 times lower than an incandescent bulb, and 5 times lower than a compact fluorescent.

For a restaurant or a hotel, the energy bills can quickly climb and the choice of a lighting that consumes little energy is a considerable asset in the choice of your equipment. This is why LED furniture can meet your need to welcome your customers comfortably, while decorating and lighting your space!

Lighted garden furniture, lighted outdoor furniture

The illuminated furniture we offer on the Barazzi website can be used on a terrace or in a garden. To make your outdoor spaces instantly more pleasant and modern, choose from our lighted furniture. These pieces of furniture will illuminate your patio or garden and allow you to create a chic atmosphere both day and night!

With our selection of lighted furniture for indoor and outdoor use, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. Choosing the perfect furniture for your hotel, restaurant, café or nightclub is not easy with the countless options available. Barazzi, your professional supplier of furniture for the industry, will help you make this choice.

Moreover, our advisors, available by phone or by chat, can answer your questions. Don't hesitate to contact us and order online your lighted furniture for delivery directly on site!

Bright garden furniture

Do you dream of a bright and welcoming garden room? Lighted furniture is for you! With their elegant design and soft lighting, they will illuminate your terrace and give it a new glow.

For a chic and modern garden furniture, choose lacquered aluminum furniture. They are lightweight, easy to maintain and weather resistant. For a more classic style, choose painted wood furniture. You will also find models in woven resin, ideal for terraces and gardens.

Lighted furniture is equipped with high performance LEDs that diffuse a soft and pleasant light. You can enjoy your terrace even when the sun goes down.

For an even more inviting garden furniture, don't forget the plants! Choose heat and drought resistant species such as cacti, succulents and bougainvillea. They will give relief to your decoration and will pleasantly perfume the air. To decorate your living room with plants, don't hesitate to consult our pages of luminous flower pots. They will complete your lighted garden furniture with an extra decorative touch! Surprise your customers with our beautiful design garden furniture.