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Professional of the restoration, you seek luminous Tables to equip your interior or external space of restaurant, bar, hotel?

The Lighted Table category offers many models of very contemporary lighted tables for professionals such as architects, designers, event companies or owners of establishments.

In our illuminated table category, you will find a wide range of tables with integrated lighting, at the right price: illuminated table, illuminated high table, illuminated low table, illuminated round table..

The quality of the furniture and its resistance destines it to an intensive use such as for the arrangement of bars, restaurants, terraces of bars, communities, hotels, etc.

Led light table

At Barazzi, we offer wireless LED lighting furniture. We offer a wide range of high quality professional furniture at the best prices: in addition to our wireless lighted chairs, choose a lighted table or alighted counter. All the furniture we offer is suitable for catering professionals. The wireless furniture, which runs on batteries, is very practical for indoor or outdoor furniture.

Multicolor or fixed color LED lighting is very much in demand in luxury and high-end establishments, or for receptions and events. RGB light tables, for Red, Green, Blue, are wireless Led furniture, which operate with a remote control and batteries that are recharged with a charger.

Lighted table for bar, hotel, restaurant

A lighted table is a chic and classy decorative element for the design of a restaurant, bar or hotel. Available in different heights, lengths and widths, the Led tables in plain or multicolor are contemporary design pieces. An illuminated table, an aesthetic product, allows you to create a lounge and festive atmosphere for your guests.

Lighted tables are sought-after products in the field of events and for receptions, weddings, parties ... Thanks to LED lighting in multiple colors, you can choose the color suitable for the evening or the event. White, pink, red, blue... You will be spoilt for choice thanks to the Led RGB bulbs that can be controlled remotely with a remote control, functional within a radius of 10 to 15 meters.

Round, rectangular, square Led table

To furnish your interior or terrace of restaurant, bar, hotel or poolside, you can choose a lighted table of square, round or rectangular shape. Our many LED lighted tables, with various dimensions and heights, will suit your needs. Your customers will be able to gather around the living room thanks to the lighted coffee tables, or around the bar thanks to the lighted bar tables. Whether it is a round, rectangular or square table, the lighted table is an incredible design object to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for your customers. Lighted tables are special and unique design objects that create an upscale and pleasant atmosphere.

Buy a wireless light table online

Buy RGB Light Tables online with ease! Our wireless tables on battery are ultra practical and beautiful to arrange the interior or exterior of your restaurant, hotel, nightclub. They are the most sought-after lighted furniture for high-end, luxury spaces, or for unique events. Online purchase, secure payment, fast delivery, at the right price. Customer service at your disposal to help you in your professional purchase of Led light table!