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Restaurant professional, you are looking for professional lighted chairs and armchairs to equip your indoor or outdoor restaurant, bar, hotel?

The category Lighted Chairs and Armchairs offers many models of very modern lighted chairs and armchairs made in Europe and intended for Professionals such as architects, designers, event companies or owners of establishments. Numerous models and collections available: chair with or without armrest, RGB or white armchair, many of varied style and at good prices.

The quality of the materials used for the furniture and their resistance make them suitable for bars, restaurants, terraces, communities, hotels,... High quality furniture, intended for intensive professional use.

Outdoor luminous chairs and armchairs

To create a beautiful garden furniture, you will have to choose among the various luminous seats available: luminous chair with led design, low luminous stool design, large luminous armchair, luminous sofa..

It is by choosing several lighted design objects that you will be able to create a beautiful lighted outdoor living room area. In addition to the seats to sit comfortably, your customers can gather around tables lighted ultra design and contemporary. The lighted table and chair set creates a wonderful contemporary, chic and classy outdoor living room.

We offer standard height lighted tables, high lighted tables, as well as wireless lighted coffee tables. With our outdoor chairs and armchairs from top brands such as luxury furniture brand Vondom, you can feel good about your furniture choice!

Made of polyethylene material, these high quality plastic furniture are ultra resistant to impact, water, weather and temperature variations. These products are highly suitable for professional use, as they can be used both indoors and outdoors. The polyethylene plastic material is also very easy to maintain: a simple sponge with water is enough to clean the polyethylene chairs and armchairs.

Wireless Led chair and armchair

Very design, the chairs and armchairs are also practical elements for your professional layout. Indeed, they work thanks to the presence of long-lasting batteries, which can be recharged thanks to chargers for power. This allows a great mobility and flexibility for your layout.

The wireless LED furniture brings a touch of design and class to your space, without disrupting your professional organization. Thanks to a remote control, you can choose the color of the lighting of the seat, armchair, chair. Some models have a white lighting, while others have a multicolor light. The wirelessLed RGB lighting allows you to vary the lighting colors of the Led bulbs located in the chair or armchair. You can apply a fixed color or variable and random for a change of colors of the seat: go from white, pink, blue, green, or red in the blink of an eye!

Buy illuminated chair and armchair online

As a professional, you want to elegantly furnish your terrace, garden, poolside or restaurant interior or bar with luminous chairs and armchairs. You are at the right place to buy your rechargeable RGB lighted chairs!

Indeed, we offer a wide range of lighted furniture for outdoor or indoor use. Vondom brand, our products are ultra modern design pieces. Complete your garden furniture design with our other categories of wireless lighting furniture. Buy online luminous chair, modern wireless luminous chair. Secure payment, fast delivery, good prices. Our customer service can help you in your choice of lighted chairs and lighted wireless armchairs with integrated lamp. Refer also to the technical data sheets to know all the dimensions of the Rechargeable Chairs that we propose.