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Restaurant professional, you are looking for luminous bar stools to furnish your indoor or outdoor restaurant, bar, hotel ?

The Lighted Bar Stool category offers many models of contemporary lighted stools, intended for professionals such as architects, designers, event companies or owners of establishments.

The quality of the furniture and its resistance make it suitable for intensive use in bars, restaurants, bar terraces, communities, hotels, etc

Lighted bar stool design

A luminous bar stool is a design object that brings style to the decoration, much more than a classic chair. Our models of stools of the most famous brands are high-end products, which will complete your bar tables with beautiful high chairs. The Vondom brand has created the Vertex, Moma and Wing stool ranges, which are true original works of art. With their well-designed shapes, these stools follow the shape of the body, while offering an extremely comfortable seat.

Vondom stools, with their integrated design legs, are design objects that look like real sculptures. With our designer furniture, you can buy something that is both elegant and provides superb seating comfort for your customers!

Ideal for the terrace of a bar, the Led design stools can also be used indoors. These lighted stools are shockproof, waterproof, weatherproof and resistant to high temperature variations, to fit all your furnishing needs. Thanks to the respect of the IP65 standard, Vondom's LED stools can be installed in humid areas. Practical for a restaurant, because the luminous furniture can remain on the terrace, even in case of rain.

Made of polyethylene plastic, the Vondom stool is an ultra-resistant quality product, which produces a beautiful ambient light. With a good autonomy, the high quality plastic bar stool light in polyethylene is practical and beautiful at the same time. Many colors of lighting available. Create a lounge atmosphere, dim and special with the lighted bar stool.

LED bar stool

LED bar stools can be illuminated with either fixed lighting (choice of color), or multi-color lighting with random color setting. The multi-color RGB LED bar stool version is perfect for customizing your layout and impressing your customers.

The system is controlled with a remote control that allows you to change the lighting color. With their many choices of colors, the Led high bar chairs will be elements that will easily blend with the rest of your decoration. According to the events or theme parties, the luminous furniture can take the desired color! The choice of the different lighting modes is done simply by using a remote control, which works within a radius of 10 to 15 meters.

Buy a lighted bar stool online

At Barazzi we offer a wide range of high quality professional furniture at the best prices: in addition to our wireless chairs, you can choose products from our categories of LED design tables and illuminated bar furniture.

All the furniture we offer is suitable for catering professionals. The wireless furniture, which is battery operated, is very practical for indoor or outdoor furniture. Multicolor or fixed color LED lighting is very much in demand in luxury and high-end establishments, or for receptions and events.

The RGB light furniture, for Red, Green, Blue, are wireless Led furniture, which operate with a remote control and batteries that are recharged with a charger. Buy online simply illuminated furniture RGB! Online purchase, secure payment, fast delivery, at the right price. Customer service at your disposal to help you in your professional purchase!