Light Up Shelves

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A light shelf is a shelf equipped with a light source, usually LED bulbs. It can be used to highlight certain objects, such as books or knickknacks. In the context of a restaurant, hotel, cafe, bistro or club, thelighted shelf allows you to furnish your interior or exterior with class. You can store glasses, bottles, kitchen utensils ... It is the ideal furniture to store your equipment and at the same time decorate your space.

The advantages of a lighted shelf

A shelf with integrated LED lighting is a piece of high-end furniture, which is suitable for decorating luxury and refined establishments.

A shelf with light is a great way to add brightness to your decor. It can be used as a decorative element inside or outside. Lighted shelves are also ideal for illuminating dark areas of your business establishment.

Wall mounted shelf with integrated lighting

There are different types oflighted shelves. On the one hand, there are floor shelves, and on the other hand, wall shelves. The wall shelves with integrated lighting are very practical, because they take up little space, and are very visible. While they allow you to illuminate a space in a very precise way, they are also very aesthetic. Ideal for high installation behind the lighted bar counter, they will add style to your high-end decoration!

LED floor light shelf

In addition to hanging LED light storage shelves, you can also opt for a floor standing light shelf. A wall-mounted shelf with integrated feet can be placed in any corner of your bar, hotel or restaurant.

Buy professional LED light shelf

Lighted shelves come in a variety of widths and heights to suit your needs. Shelves with built-in spotlights can showcase your favorite items! Lighted shelves are becoming increasingly popular as they can add designer lighting to any room. Shelves with lighting are also very practical because they allow you to showcase your favorite items. If you're looking for a lighted shelf for your bar, living room, dining room, kitchen or even patio, be sure to check out our site! You'll find a wide selection oflighted shelves to put on the floor or to hang on the wall.

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