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Are you a restaurant professional looking for a restaurant sofa, a bar sofa, a bistro sofa, a lounge bar sofa, a disco sofa to equip your restaurant, bar, hotel, bistro or disco? Barazzi offers you professional furnishings adapted for indoor or outdoor use.

We offer a wide range of furniture for restaurant and hotel professionals. In our restaurant sofa category, we offer a range of restaurant sofas in different styles, colors and finishes. Barazzi has selected for you the best in high-end furniture for professionals. Our modern design sofas will charm your customers and provide them with all the comfort they are looking for.

Sofa for restaurant or bistro

The choice of a sofa for a restaurant must be done with care. Not only must the sofa be chosen in relation to the style of interior decoration of your space, but it must also be the right size to facilitate the passage of people. In addition, you will need to choose sofas that are easy to care for and easy to clean, to ensure durability.

Seating comfort is of course essential, which is why Barazzi offers top-of-the-line, comfortable furniture. The sofas sold on our site, most of which are made in Europe, are of high quality thanks to their high technology and resistant materials.

Barazzi offers a range of products that will meet your expectations. Whether you want to buy a bar sofa, a bar bench or a lounge bar sofa, you have come to the right place! Our professional furniture website is ideal for safe and easy online shopping.

Lounge bar sofa

Choose the sofa that will meet your expectations, among our modular outdoor chairs, our outdoor sofas 2 seats, 3 seats or 4 seats, our luminous chairs, our multi-colored illuminated chairs, our couches, our corner sofas, our straight sofas, our sofas, and our footstools that complete the installation of the indoor or outdoor lounge.

Our sofa models come in a variety of materials and colors to match any decorating style. You can buy a professional sofa in leather, fabric, velvet or high quality plastic. Our sofas in various colors will surely please your customers: black, white, gray, beige, etc..

A lounge bar sofa should provide all the comfort and relaxation your customers expect when they come to your business establishment. The lounge bar style, refined and luxury is created through furniture design and architectural spaces.

Cosy chic sofa

If you want to create a cosy chic atmosphere with your sofas, you are spoilt for choice on our professional furniture sales site. All of our products, ultra comfortable and with high quality manufacturing, are ideal for creating a cosy chic living room style.

Indeed, the cosy chic decoration style is synonymous with sobriety and elegance. To create a cosy chic decorating atmosphere, it will be necessary to create a simple and uncluttered atmosphere. The functionality and practicality are not left out of course. To create this cosy chic atmosphere, it will be necessary to choose soft sofa textures, noble materials and warm colors. Cosy chic reflects a comfortable, warm, pleasant and cozy environment.

Sofa for nightclub

You want to equip your nightclub with sofas to improve your relaxation area? Our discotheque sofas will be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, whether for a terrace or a garden.