Restaurant Bench Seating

The Restaurant Bench Seating category offers a range of seating benches for bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs, suitable to all spaces.

We may also provide tailored bench seatings: if you are interested, please contact us.

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  • 1 190,00 € tax excl.

    The Vondom Faz Chair is like a Diamond, even more with this multicolored light version! Its structure with geometric faces is very Contemporary.This Meridian decorates your Hotel Garden, the edge of your Swimming pool, your Restaurant. The RGB Lounge Seat complements the Faz Sofa RGB modules and personalizes your interior and exterior spaces. Magic assured!

    1 190,00 € tax excl.
  • 1 094,00 € tax excl.

    The Vondom Faz Lounge Chair is like a Diamond. And much more with this brilliant white bright version! Its structure with geometric facets is very Design.This Armchair decorates your Hotel Garden, your Swimming pool, your Restaurant.  Seat complements the Faz Sofa modules and personalizes your interior and exterior spaces. It's magical!

    1 094,00 € tax excl.
  • 880,00 € tax excl.

    The Footrest Faz Sofa Chaiselongue by Vondom has a dual function: it is at the same time deck chair in continuation of a module Faz couch and extra ottoman.With the unique FAZ system you personalize your Bar Terrace, Lounge, Hotel, Restaurant, Nightclub! The shiny appearance of the lacquer gives a very trendy look to this salon.

    880,00 € tax excl.
  • 1 540,00 € tax excl.

    The Vondom Faz Sofa 45° Corner Module is the perfect sofa for your Hotel Lounge, your Club, or your Restaurant. This modular collection enables you to combine several elements among themselves. Therefore, you create a unique and modern design furniture.The glossy lacquered colors give a modern design to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

    1 540,00 € tax excl.
  • 1 650,00 € tax excl.

    The Vondom Faz Sofa 90° Corner Module is a bench that can be placed in the Bar of your Hotel, in the Lounge of your Club, or in your Restaurant. It has the particularity of being a modular collection. You may combine several elements among themselves to personalize your space.The glossy lacquered colors will give a trendy look to your indoor and outdoor...

    1 650,00 € tax excl.
  • 1 540,00 € tax excl.

    The Faz Armless Sofa Module by Vondom is the perfect seat for your Hotel / Restaurant. The Faz collection is modular: you may combine the elements among themselves to create your own and unique Lounge, either inside or outside. The Glossy Lacquered Finish will add a precious detail.

    1 540,00 € tax excl.
  • 1 870,00 € tax excl.

    With the right module of the FAZ Sofa Module by Vondom, you create your Lounge area that fits to your Hotel or Restaurant identity.The shiny lacquered effect gives an even more precious touch to your interior spaces. The Collection is also perfectly suitable for outdoor use.This furniture is resistant to scratches, shocks and temperatures between -60° C...

    1 870,00 € tax excl.
  • 1 870,00 € tax excl.

    Discover the concept of this modular sofa designed by Vondom: you combine the modules you need according to the layout you need for your space.This model (here the left design sofa module) is weatherproof, with temperature differences from -60º C to + 80º C, anti scratch and resistant to shocks.You may use this modular sofa for both indoor and outdoor use.

    1 870,00 € tax excl.
  • 1 270,00 € tax excl.

    Discover the bright Rainbow effect of the Blow Sofa RGB by Vondom. The Solid Translucent Polyethylene structure allows an intensive Outdoor use, perfectly adapted to your Hotel or Restaurant activity.Turn your Poolside, the Garden of your Hotel or your Bar Area into a stunning and and luminous place that will be noticed!

    1 270,00 € tax excl.
  • 1 080,00 € tax excl.

    The Blow Sofa by Vondom lights up like a White Leds Lamp. Its Translucent Matt Polyethylene structure is highly resistant and allows intensive outdoor use.Turn your Poolside, the Garden of your Hotel, your Restaurant or your Bar area to a magical place your customers will like to come back to.

    1 080,00 € tax excl.
  • 2 090,00 € tax excl.

    BLOW Sofa Collection by Vondom offers stylish Furniture for the owners of Trendy Hotels, Bars, Restaurants. This Quality Outdoor or Indoor Divan offers the great resistance you need for your intensive activity.The Polyethylene structure is available in 15 glossy colors, with a nice and shiny appearance.

    2 090,00 € tax excl.
  • 770,00 € tax excl.

    The BLOW Sofa by Vondom is the perfect Furniture for Professionals: Hotels, Bars, Restaurants... This Contemporary Design Couch is highly resistant and is totally adapted to an intensive use. It will fit perfectly at the Poolside of your Hotel, or Inside, in your Bar. Choose the color of the Polyethylene structure from 15 Matt colors. Personalized...

    770,00 € tax excl.