Square Parasol

The category Square Parasol offers many styles of modern and contemporary parasols with square shapes made in Europe. Suitable for professionals such as architects, designers, event organization or bar restaurants owners.

The quality of the materials and their resistance make them particularly suitable for bars, restaurants, bar terraces, hotels layout et decoration.

For any project of space designing, we do have the furniture and equipment you need. Do not hesitate to contact us if you can’t see a product on our website.

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    Quadruplo is a Quadruple Offset Terrace Umbrella for Professional Use. It offers minimal clutter with its single Central Pole supporting Four Independent Umbrellas. Many colors are available for the Canopies made in Acrylic Canvas. This High Quality Equipment has been designed and manufactured in Europe for Professional use. It is ideal for Hotels, Bars,...

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    Flexy is a large and modular Freestanding Awning. Its canopy made in acrylic canvas can be tilted to provide optimum shade at any time. The sliding awning is available in 10 sizes that can be combined among themselves. The dual post structure made in aluminium allows to cover big areas without any central obstacle. High quality Equipment, Made in Europe.

    3 665,00 € tax excl.