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In order to equip your professional restaurant interior, you are looking for standard size restaurant tables? Make your choice from our wide range of tables! Our tables will be perfect to furnish your restaurant, café, hotel, chr, bistro or nightclub.

What is the height of a standard table?

For your customers to be comfortable eating, the table height should be 74 cm to 76 cm. A table generally has a top that measures between 3 and 4 centimeters in height. The leg of the dining table is about 71 cm high.

Standard dining table for indoor use

Dining tables come in many shapes and styles. They vary in height, shape and material.

What material for a dining table?

Dining tables are usually made of wood, metal or plastic. The most common dining tables, with a standard height of 74 cm or 76 cm, are usually made of wood, plastic or metal.

Wooden tables can be made of oak, beech or walnut. Metal tables can be made of iron, aluminum or stainless steel. Plastic tables are usually made of polypropylene or PVC. Standard height dining tables are generally used in traditional restaurants. They can also be used in cafes, bars and clubs.

What shape for a restaurant table?

A professional restaurant table can take many shapes: round, oval, square, rectangular... Round restaurant tables are ideal for small groups and families. Square tables are perfect for groups of 4 to 6 people. Rectangular tables seat up to 8 people and are ideal for larger groups of family or friends. Oval tables are perfect for groups of 6 to 8 people.

Standard height professional dining table

Heavy duty standard restaurant table

A professional restaurant table should be durable, reliable and practical. This table must be able to accommodate a large number of customers and offer optimal comfort. The standard height of a restaurant table is 760 mm. It can be equipped with a glass, wood or laminate top. The legs of the table should be strong and stable.

Standard restaurant table easy to clean

A professional restaurant table should be easy to clean, resistant to impact and wear, and should have a standard height to allow customers to sit comfortably. Solid wood restaurant tables are generally the strongest and most durable, but they can be more difficult to clean. Metal or plastic tables are generally lighter and easier to clean, but may be less resistant to impact and wear.

Standard 60x60 or 80x80 Restaurant Table

Of the table size formats often found, 80x80 and 60x60 tables are the most commonly used. The 60 cm or 80 cm tables take up little space and are very practical for restaurant rooms, dining rooms, and are suitable for both hotel restaurant interiors, as well as for terraces.

The standard height of 740 to 760mm is ideal for dining, as it allows guests to serve themselves easily and not have to bend down to grab their plate. Restaurant tables are generally wider than domestic tables, allowing diners to have enough room to serve themselves and eat their meal.

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