Inspiration: original garden fruit sculptures by Bull & Stein

Cherry varnish glossy - monumental sculpture outside inside - Bull & Stein

Bull & Stein offers an original way to design your garden with giant fruit sculptures. These works of art are actually XXL sculptures made of polyresin and represent fruits and vegetables. They can be used as ornaments in the garden or as interior design objects. The Bull & Stein sculptures can be used indoors as well as in contemporary gardens and terraces.

Bull & Stein, creator of design sculptures

Bull & Stein, creators of original fruit sculptures for the garden, is a French company based in Paris.

The company was founded in 2013 by artists Sebastien Bull and Jerome Stein. The two men shared a passion for the arts and the art of gardening, and came up with the idea of creating original garden fruit sculptures.

Their first sculpture was a wrought iron apple. They went on to create sculptures of pears, oranges, lemons and pomegranates. All their sculptures are handmade and unique.

Bull & Stein were quickly noticed for their work and were invited to exhibit their sculptures in many art galleries in France and abroad. They were also selected to participate in several garden shows, where they presented their original garden fruit sculptures.

Today, Bull & Stein continues to create new original garden fruit sculptures and is working on new designs. The company is expanding rapidly and already has several shops in France and abroad. On our Barazzi website you will find a selection of their most beautiful contemporary fruit sculptures.

Bull & Stein Giant Apple Sculpture

Apple brilliant varnish - XXL fruit sculpture outdoor indoor - Bull & Stein
Apple brilliant varnish – XXL fruit sculpture – Bull & Stein

This sculpture is available in many colours, sizes and coatings.

The sculpture is available in 8 colours: red, green, yellow, orange, pink, turquoise, black and white. And in 4 monumental sizes:

  • Sculpture“: a diameter 59 cm, a height 46 cm, weight 20 Kg
  • Sculpture plus“: diameter 75 cm, height 62 cm, weight 40 kg
  • Giant“: diameter 95 cm, height 80 cm, weight 70 kg
  • Double giant” : diameter 120 cm, height 120 cm, weight 100 kg

This apple is a work of art, you can use it as an original design element for your professional establishment.

The Bull & Stein giant apple sculpture is perfect to decorate your interior as well as your exterior. It is an ideal option to leave a memorable souvenir to your customers during their visit.

Bull & Stein Giant Pear Sculpture

Pear brilliant varnish - giant fruit sculpture indoor outdoor - Bull & Stein
Pear brilliant varnish – giant fruit sculpture – Bull & Stein

Like the apple, the pear comes in 8 colours: red, green, yellow, orange, pink, turquoise, black and white. It exists in 3 different sizes:

  • “Sculpture”: diameter 58 cm, height 60 cm, weight 21 kg
  • “Giant”: diameter 95 cm, height 100 cm, weight 80 kg
  • “Double giant”: diameter 120 cm, height 134 cm, weight 100 kg

This giant pear from Bull & Stein is perfect for outdoor or indoor decoration. Thanks to its design and originality, it will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

This sculpture is frost resistant and is therefore not a concern for outdoor use.

Giant cherry sculpture Bull & Stein

Cherry brilliant varnish - monumental sculpture outdoor indoor - Bull & Stein
Cherry brilliant varnish – monumental sculpture – Bull & Stein

The giant Bull & Stein cherry is available in two sizes:

  • “Sculpture: diameter 50 cm, height 50 cm , weight 12.7 kg
  • “Giant”: diameter 80 cm, height 76 cm, weight 40 kg (including polyresin stem for a height of 230 cm)

The cherry is available in a wide range of colours. You can choose between 8 colours: burgundy, red, yellow, orange, pink, turquoise, black and white.

This sculpture is ideal for professional use. Whether it is for your interior or your exterior, it will fit perfectly into the decor thanks to its originality and will not leave your customers indifferent.

Bull & Stein sculptures, attractive objects for restaurants

If you are looking to add a touch of originality to your restaurant, don’t hesitate to invest in Bull & Stein design fruit sculptures. These unique and vibrant works of art will add a chic and sophisticated touch to your interior design, and will surprise your customers!

Indeed, Bull & Stein’s original fruit sculptures are designed to be placed in strategic locations to draw attention to your establishment. Whether on a table, counter or shelf, they will be perfect to enhance your decor.

The fruit sculptures are also very durable, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Decorative inspiration with Bull & Stein sculptures

Bull & Stein decorative sculptures can be wonderful design objects for your high-end or luxury restaurant. They are beautiful pieces that make your mouth water with their bright colours and beautiful rounded shapes!

Would you like to buy Bull & Stein fruit statues and are looking for inspiration? We’ve put together some beautiful atmospheric photos that showcase these beautiful decorative objects.

Bull & Stein sculptures indoors

Bull & Stein fruit sculptures are a great way to decorate a restaurant interior. These fruits are hand carved with extreme care, which gives them a very realistic look. They are also painted in bright colours, which makes them very attractive. The models with a varnished finish are very bright and shiny.

Indoors, they will add a unique and fun touch to your decoration. Fruit sculptures come in different sizes and colours. For example, choose a small fruit statue to place on restaurant tables. These small apple, pear or cherry fruit sculptures can be placed on restaurant coffee tables, high restaurant tables or standard height restaurant tables.

To decorate large tables, you can opt for large fruit sculptures. See how chic large fruit sculptures look when placed inside a restaurant! If you want to stand out from other professional establishments, buying Bull & Stein fruit sculptures is an excellent way to do so. In terms of colour choice, you can opt for a colour that contrasts with the rest of your decoration. This way, the fruit statue will stand out from your decor and attract even more attention!

The fruit sculpture can be placed on a small platform, so that it is at eye level.

Bull & Stein sculptures outside: pool, terrace, garden

They will give a chic and original style to your decoration, and will surprise your guests! The XXL size sculptures are particularly popular because of their spectacular appearance and can be used as a centrepiece or as the centrepiece of a decoration.

To choose the right Bull & Stein fruit sculpture for your decoration, you need to take several criteria into account. Firstly, the shape of the fruit: Bull & Stein fruit sculptures can be pear-shaped, apple-shaped, lemon-shaped, etc. Secondly, the colour of the fruit: Bull & Stein fruit sculptures can be in natural colour, or painted in a pastel shade for a softer effect. At Barazzi, we mainly offer brightly coloured models that are particularly appetising. Finally, the size of the sculpture: Bull & Stein fruit sculptures can be standard size, or XXL for a more spectacular effect.

The giant Bull & Stein lemon sculptures are set in this wonderful pine-shaded park. They give a unique and original style to this park. The yellow objects stand out very well in the green landscape.

Lemon brilliant varnish - giant fruit sculpture indoor outdoor - Bull & Stein
Lemon brilliant varnish – giant fruit sculpture – Bull & Stein

In these beautiful gardens with their resplendent vegetation, these giant cherry-shaped sculptures are a highlight. The brilliant red colour stands out very well against the green landscape.

Another option for decorating a luxury poolside are Bull & Stein fruit sculptures. These ceramic sculptures are delicate and add a touch of elegance to any space. They are ideal for creating a refined and warm atmosphere.

Here, the blue colour of the apple is reminiscent of the colour of the water in the pool. This is a monochromatic type of decoration that is just as effective as decorating with opposite or complementary colours. In addition, the blue colour of the apple brings a fairy-tale aspect since it is not the usual colour of apples. It is a way to invite reverie and the pleasure of resting in a welcoming and relaxing space.

If you want to buy beautiful Bull & Stein fruit sculptures, you have come to the right place! Let yourself be tempted by our numerous models of design fruit sculptures. Our models in various sizes and colours will fit in your restaurant. Whether you are looking for interior or exterior decoration elements, these spectacular fruit models will find their place!

Please contact our customer service for more information. Prices and discounts for professionals. Take advantage of it!

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