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The Interior and Exterior Decoration category offers a wide selection of elements that will allow architects and homeowners alike to enhance their projects. Browse through our selection of design and original decoration elements that you won't find elsewhere.

Among our decorative elements designed for your restaurant business, we have selected for you an offer of sculptures, mirrors, carpets and light objects.

Decorative sculpture inside outside

If you're wondering how to stand out from the crowd by creating a high-end decoration for your restaurant, take a look at our offer of sculptures.

Sculptures are strong decorative elements of a space. Our large format sculptures with a very contemporary and luxurious style will instantly bring an impressive effect to your customers.

High-end customers appreciate refined and elegant decorative objects. Barazzi offers sculptures that can be used indoors, in your garden or on your restaurant terrace. Available in a variety of finishes and colors, the sculptures will be ideal to decorate your space beautifully. Take a look at our product sheets and don't hesitate to call our customer service if you have any questions!

Design mirror

The mirrors are very interesting elements for a beautiful restaurant decoration. They give the impression of enlarging the space, while reflecting the light and also bring style. A mirror can be installed in the main room of the restaurant, or reception room, as well as in the corridors or hotel rooms. You will need to choose the size and finish that will suit the overall look of your decor. The color and style of a mirror are important elements to consider in your choice.

Outdoor rugs

To enhance your restaurant's terrace, you can choose to install outdoor rugs. They bring a very chic style instantly. Various finishes, styles and sizes. See all of our products for more information on these decorative elements that must be as beautiful as practical to clean and maintain over time.

Lighted decoration

On our Barazzi website, you will find, in addition to the above-mentioned decoration, a set ofdecorative lighting. Decorative lights are small or large elements whose main function is not lighting, but decoration. Although they bring light, they are mainly present to give style in the place where they are installed, whether it is a restaurant terrace, garden, terrace of disco, or any outdoor. Rounded or geometrical, the XXL light decorations give instantly a luxury and high-end look. They are highly sought after by interior designers or architects, as the rendering is impressive.

High-end customers appreciate refined spaces. Our team works daily to offer you products that will decorate your professional restaurants beautifully. If you are also looking for decorative restaurant furniture or decorative patio equipment, we have what you need!