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The benefits of a high table or stand-up table

A high table in a restaurant allows your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed, which is ideal to spend a good time in good company, whether with family or friends.

A high restaurant table, or stand-up table, also makes it easier to serve, which is very practical in the professional restaurant and hotel industry.

A high table is generally more comfortable than a low table, which is ideal for long evenings in good company. The high table, together with its high stools, allows you to feel comfortable and to spend a pleasant moment of relaxation around a drink or a meal.

Dimensions and characteristics of a professional bar table

What height for a professional bar table?

The high table is the modern version of the conventional dining table, halfway between the kitchen worktop and the bar table. Typically, the kitchen bar table is between 90 and 110 cm high, which is ideal for people of all sizes. A professional bar table is usually between 110 cm and 120 cm high. The high table should allow for comfortable eating and leaning on it to have a drink or eat a meal.

The height of the table should match the height of the chairs or stools. If you choose high chairs, make sure that the height of the table is slightly higher than the height of the seats. This way, your guests can rest their elbows comfortably on the table.

A professional high table for restaurants is usually 120 cm high. It differs from the standard height restaurant table which is between 74 cm and 76 cm high. The height of the table should be adjusted according to the height of the chairs. You can choose adjustable height stools or high stools of the right size among our many models.

Professional bar tables 60x60, 80x80, 100x60

Restaurant high tables come in many sizes. The 60 cm table is a very practical standard size for restaurants. It takes up very little space, while providing a pleasant space for your guests. In addition to the 60x60 table, we often find the 80x80 or 100x60 size. The dimensions of the high tables of restaurant are very variable and must be chosen according to your interior.

The perfect size of a high table or a table for standing is the one that allows you to have enough space to pass, and that allows you to welcome the number of people you want. If you want tables for 2 people, 4 people, 6 people or even 8 people, you will have to choose the most suitable table size.

Plastic, wood or metal high table?

Restaurant tables are generally made of wood, metal or plastic. Wooden tables can be made of oak, beech or walnut. Metal tables can be made of iron, aluminum or stainless steel. Plastic tables are usually made of polypropylene or PVC.

Among the materials of high tables and side tables we offer, you can find high quality plastic design tables or very resistant metal tables suitable for intensive use. Our high quality tables are ideal for professional use.

Our high tables of all materials are generally used in traditional restaurants. They can also be used in cafes, chr, hotels, bars and nightclubs.

Square, round and rectangular high tables

We offer high tables for restaurants in different styles: choose from square, rectangular or rounded tables. Our tables are ideal for tastefully furnishing a beautiful restaurant interior. We also offer terrace tables that will perfectly complement the exterior of your restaurant.