GIRO 135 - Outdoor Wood Burning Circular Fire Pit


Giro 135 is a high-end brazier created by FIRATINI, French creator of luxury braziers. Halfway between a Brazier and a Sculpture, this work of art fits subtly on your terrace or on your patio.

This brazier is available in 3 finishes: Mars 2525, Corten*, Black which will give a cosy and luxurious touch to your terrace. A soft warmth that comforts your guests while enjoying your beautiful garden!

The width of the perimeter of the brazier table (85 cm) allows you to place your dishes and glasses away from the heat or to sit down to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace.


Sizes: Ø 1350mm H 380mm

Material: Steel or Corten steel

Finish: Mars 2525, Corten*, Black

Product details

Professional Fire Pit With Wood Storage Underneath

The Giro 135 is a high quality round shape brazier made in France by the FIRATINI company. Giro enhances the space that surrounds it, offering strong emotions, warmth and hospitality. It is supplied with a steel cover plate to cover the combustion chamber. With the dedicated stainless steel grill kit/grid (sold separately), the fire pit can also be used as a barbecue. Thanks to its elegant design, it conveniently stores firewood under the fire pit area.

The Grid: The removable grid turns your fire pit into a stylish BBQ that you can use for outdoor cooking,

Protective fire screen: A useful accessory to protect the surrounding ground and cinders.

* Corten steel is supplied in its natural state (blue/black). At this stage the surface has not yet developed the dark brown patina.

For Corten steel to naturally cover itself with a layer of oxidation and reveal a protective brown patina (the layer that protects the base material from deterioration), several natural weathering conditions are necessary such humidity and multiple dry periods, as well as good ventilation.

The duration of the oxidation process will depend on exposure to atmospheric agents (temperature, humidity, light and pollution). Thanks to changing weather, especially in autumn, the formation of the first layer of oxidation can occur relatively quickly (a few weeks). The final oxidation step can take several months to a few years depending on the environment.

During this period the brown layer is constantly renewed until the end of the natural maturation cycle where the corten steel will reach its dark brown color visible in the photos of the product.

Images shown on this site are for illustrative purposes only and actual products may vary in size and color.


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