Rent your professional furniture and equipment with Grenke

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How does the rental of furniture and equipment work?

Preserve your cash flow by renting furniture for your restaurant, café or hotel rather than buying it!

In collaboration with our partner GRENKE LOCATION SAS, we offer you rental financing solutions from €500 excl. tax of the amount financed!

Take advantage of the rental of furniture and equipment with an option to buy, for greater flexibility in the management of your business!

What are the advantages of renting furniture and equipment with GRENKE?

Renting with GRENKE is very advantageous for any company, as it allows you to preserve your liquidity and offers you great flexibility.

  • Preserve your cash flow and liquidity
  • Improve your debt capacity
  • Benefit from great flexibility
  • Work with state-of-the-art equipment thanks to the exchange option
  • Purchase option: you can eventually decide to keep the leased equipment

Why choose furniture rental with GRENKE?

  • A reliable group present in 33 countries around the world
  • A team of professionals to help you
  • Grenke has over 30,000 reseller partners worldwide

More about Grenke

Grenke is a German company that was founded in 1978. Today it is the market leader in lease financing.

The company Grenke aims to make investments in business equipment such as furniture, telephone systems, photocopiers and computers easier by offering to lease them.

For more information, contact our Customer Service!

+33 2 52 44 52 58

Renting restaurant furniture: take the plunge!

You are a professional and you wish to rent restaurant furniture for your establishment? Renting restaurant furniture has many advantages!

Indeed, it allows you to arrange your restaurant as you wish, without worrying about the purchase and maintenance of the furniture.

What’s more, you can change the style regularly, according to your desires and needs! At Barazzi we offer a wide range of restaurant furniture for hire for all types of establishments.

With the Barazzi – Grenke partnership, take the plunge and rent restaurant furniture! At Barazzi, we provide you with quality restaurant furniture suitable for all types of establishments.

Our range of furniture includes tables, chairs, buffets, bars, stools, shelves and much more! All our furniture is designed for professional use.

Whether you are a restaurant owner, hotel manager, event organizer or architect, you will find all the high-end furniture you need for rental! A wide range of luxury furniture, LED lighting furniture for events or discos, equipment for the design of terraces…

Rent illuminated furniture for events

Would you like to hire illuminated furniture for your establishment or for the organisation of an event or a party? Barazzi offers you the possibility of renting festive lighted furniture for the organisation of your parties. You can find a wide selection of RGB led furniture or white lighting. Discover our illuminated bar counters, our illuminated bar stools, our illuminated sofas, our light up armchair, our lighting tables, and much more.

Don’t hesitate to equip yourself with illuminated furniture for your establishment! Take the plunge with the furniture rental offered on our site.

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