EcoSmart Fire

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The EcoSmart Fire brand offers functional and stylish fireplaces and braziers that allow you to enjoy your time around the fire. The Australian brand offers premium products that bring a touch of finesse and warmth to your indoor or outdoor spaces.

The products offered by the brand, which arefireplace inserts, ethanol braziers, outdoor fire tables, fireplaces and accessories are of high quality and meet international standards, which is a guarantee of safety

Robust and verys resistant, you will benefit fromnéyou benefit from products that require little or no maintenance'maintenance. The brburners ethanolstainless steel ethanol burners are easy to à clean and à maintenance. The special construction avoids unstable flames, the revêtion 100 % stainless steel coating makes cleaning quick and easy, simply with water'hot water.

The combustion of bioethanol is clean, which makes it an effective and efficient heat source, because it does not require any heat'there is no soot, ash or harmful emissions that need to be removed êthere are no soot, ash, or harmful emissions that must be extracted through a chimney flue, which means that all the heat stays in your roomèroom.