Light Up Corner Bar

The Light Up Corner Bar category offers many styles of modern illuminated corner bars made in Europe, and suitable for professionals as architects, designers, event organization or bar restaurant owners.

The quality of the materials and their resistance make them particularly suitable for bars, restaurants, bar terraces, hotels layout and decoration.

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    The Faz Bar LED Light Corner is a Corner Bar Counter that includes RGB LED lights for a special effect.  This module is part of the Faz Bar collection designed and manufactured in Spain, by Vondom. The modularity of Faz Bar furniture enables you to create your own Bar Counter. See all the Faz Bar pieces of collection. Perfect for Bars, Hotels,...

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    This Backlit Bar Counter is part of the Faz Bar collection manufactured by Vondom, famous Spanish design brand. This Corner Bar Counter can be lit up for a special effect in your Bar or Restaurant. Choose your preferred color of the light bulb. The Faz Bar is modular, see all the Faz Bar modules to create the perfect combination for your very our own Bar...

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    The Fiesta Curved RGB LED Light Bar is aimed to be internally lit with RGB LED technology. This great feature is perfect to create festive and convivial atmosphere in Bars, Night Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants... Please note that you can use the Fiesta Curved RGB LED Light Bar for both indoor and outdoor use.

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    The Fiesta Curva Light Bar is white internally lit with LED technology. Created by Vondom, this module can be combined to the straight Fiesta Light Counter Bar to create a unique and original bar. Ideal to create a convivial and trendy atmosphere, your guests will be delighted. On the main picture, you can see a Bar combined with 4 Fiesta Curva Light Bar...

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