Coffee Table With Built-in Brazier - IRAZÙ 1000


Irazù Brasero Coffee Table is distinguished by a pyramid-shaped base. An originality that will surely please all those who like to be surrounded by beautiful details. Irazù takes its place in a living room or in the garden like a new painting or a sculpture: it is first of all a decorative object.

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Product details

Coffee table with central fire "IRAZÙ

Irazù Brazier Coffee Table is a high-end 3-in-1 product. Beyond its elegant appearance, this brazier coffee table can easily be transformed outdoors into an exceptional barbecue or plancha. Add a grill, and you're ready to introduce your guests to the gourmet pleasures of the plancha!

How to transform your brazier into a barbecue?

Behind its confident charisma, Irazù is not complicated at all! This garden brazier can be transformed into a barbecue or plancha very simply.

The lighting is made easy by using wood logs for braziers. After the fire, the ashes remain in the ash tray. You just have to remove the removable ash tray and it's done.

The contemporary look of Irazù and its impressive size will dress up and warm up your large outdoor and indoor spaces. Place the cover on the fireplace when the fire is out and your brazier becomes a coffee table in a few minutes!

Outdoor Coffee Table with Brazier

Thanks to our expertise in metal and steel, we have created a brazier that can stay outside all year long For this, we recommend that you protect your brazier table with our wind and rain resistant protective cover.

The protective cover is designed to protect your brazier from the elements if you choose to leave it in the garden all year round.

Its high density polyester fabric sourced in an ecological spirit is resistant and waterproof. It will protect your brazier against rain, snow, frost, sun rays or tree leaves.

A good time around the fire is always accompanied by the right accessories!

The fire screen or spark arrestor is an accessory that we recommend to use on a brazier to protect you from smoke and embers that may be blown away by the wind.

Indeed, the firewall acts as a protective glass, primarily to prevent smoke from blowing back, but also to protect against accidental burns when approaching the fire or flying embers in case of strong wind.

With our firewall made of clear glass and steel, you can still enjoy a nice view of the fire, despite the wind! Almost undetectable and invisible, the glass firewall blends in with the design of our characterful braziers.


The glass firewall is a practical tool to install on your high-end brazier. Almost invisible, you can leave it fixed on your brazier all year long.

We recommend the use of glass firewalls for added safety in your garden. The embers are less likely to fly away with the wind and you will avoid possible burns in contact with the brazier's hearth.

Moreover, the hardness of the glass chosen is a guarantee of quality and robustness to resist the flames.

For an optimal use of our 3-in-1 braziers, you can equip them with a high quality cooking grid. It fits perfectly to the size of our braziers.

Simply place the cooking grid above the firebox of the brazier on the dedicated base and use it directly.

Take advantage of your brazier grill to create gourmet recipes for your guests!


Goodbye to barbecue parties where the person in charge of the fire is isolated! The brazier with grill is precisely designed to gather around the fire. All together.

First by an outdoor fire when the temperature drops... Then, to keep the party going, you can grill your meat, fish, shellfish and vegetables directly on the grill of your brazier.

What a joy to reinvent the barbecue! With the brazier, cooking is finally synonymous with conviviality.


We have focused on simple and minimalist lines for IRAZÙ, our brazier coffee table.

With this in mind, we have chosen materials that are robust and easy to maintain. Therefore, your IRAZÙ coffee table will require little maintenance!

After use, simply clean the entire brazier with soapy water, nothing more.

The removable ash tray is made of steel for its robustness against fire. It is easy to remove and the cleaning of the brazier is simple: it is done with soapy water.


  • Brand Cemétal
  • Reference
  • Condition New


  • Material Alu finition thermolaqué RAL 9005 et RAL 9005
  • Use Extérieur pour l’option bois en raison de la fumée mais peut être utilisé en intérieur avec l’option éthanol.
  • Dimensions 120cm x 120 cm x 45cm
  • Weight 75kg
  • Brand CE Metal
  • Made in France

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