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The charm of suar meets modern design in the Dasar table. The top is made up of two solid wood semi-planes in suar with irregular contours. The double base made of laser cut metal creates elegant geometries that lend themselves to different interpretations depending on the angle from which it is observed. A piece of undeniable impact designed to decorate refined environments.

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Product details

Massive dimensions and proportions of this elegant DASAR rain tree table, makes it the perfect protagonist of the scene within every environment. Table top has a unique coarse texture that offers an intriguing look when when viewed from different angles.

The DASAR dining table highlights the beauty of solid wood with a substantial thickness of the top and with edges very pleasant to the touch. Solid wood is "alive" raw material that interacts with the surrounding ambience staying sensitive to the atmospheric conditions.


This table features a massive top crafted of suar rain tree wood.


Table Dimensions:

220 x 100 - 110 x H.77 - 78
240 x 100 - 110 x H.77 - 78
270 x 100 - 110 x H.77 - 78
300 x 100 - 110 x H.77 - 78

Tables made in one or two single pieces are obtained from entire logs cut in the middle, therefore the dimensions can vary from those reported in the example. In case the precise dimensions are mandatory, please submit your request to contact@barazzi.com.

The thickness of the top of 8-9 cm and the natural curves of the wood reinforce the warm and authentic character of this DASAR table.

The heavy table base is laser-cut metal. You have a possibility to choose between 2 types of base finishings - Diamond (Nickel, Bronze, Brass, Lead) or Etched (Bronzed, Burnished, Corten).

Cracks, splits and wood changements during the product life are due to the wood adaptation process according to its surrounding. Possible cracks are to be considered as the natural typical movements of solid wood. Please refrain from putting the solid wood products near to direct heat sources like over, fireplaces, radiators, heat convectors or to the direct sun light. It is necessary to keep in the room a relative humidity level of 50-55%.

In this LIMITED category are identified EXCLUSIVE Elite, TO BE products, not a single piece is equal to the other. This UNICITY derives from the components used and to the production process, mainly manual.



  • Material Suar Rain Tree Wood
  • Use Indoor
  • Dimensions 220 x 100 - 110 x H.77 - 78
  • Brand ELITE TO BE
  • Made in Italy
  • Guarantee (year) 2

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