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Are you a restaurant professional looking for bar counters to equip your restaurant, bar, hotel, bistro or nightclub? Barazzi offersfurniture for caf és, hotels and restaurants.

We offer a wide range of bar counters for the restaurant and hotel industry. In our category of bar counters for restaurants, we offer straight bar counters, corner bars, curved bar modules, with lacquered or matte finishes. Our modular models can be perfectly adapted to any type of space.

Barazzi has selected for you the best in high-end furnishings for professionals. Our innovative kitchen bar counters are sure to please your customers and add charm to your decor.

Bar counter for restaurant

If you are looking for a bar counter for sale, you are at the right place! Do you want to equip a professional kitchen with a bar counter in order to properly welcome your clientele with a designer bar? Let yourself be tempted by our bar counter models from major brands.

Abar counter for a restaurant or bar must be sturdy and of good quality to withstand intensive use. In addition, a bar counter for restaurants must be practical and offer plenty of storage space. Some of our models offer numerous storage spaces for bottles, glasses or refrigerators.

The large work surface of the counter must also allow your teams to work in peace. A large work surface allows you to make cocktails and serve your drinks, wine glasses, champagne, etc.

Finally, the practicality of your daily life as a restaurateur must not be forgotten and some models of bar counters are removable, thanks to their wheels. This allows greater flexibility of your space, and easier cleaning.

Bar counters for nightclubs

In addition, our bar counters are perfectly suited to nightclub or discotheque type spaces. Indeed, designed to prepare drinks easily thanks to the large work surface and the numerous storage spaces, our counters allow an optimized service of your teams. Very solid, the bar counters we offer are equipped with coatings resistant to shocks, scratches, spilled glasses, etc.

We offer different shapes of countertops, which are sure to suit your nightclub. Choose from our straight bar furniture, which can be placed side by side to make a large bar unit. It is also possible to complete a straight bar unit with a corner module, to create for example an L-shaped bar, or a completely closed rectangle bar.

In addition, we also offer rounded bar modules to create a welcoming and design-oriented atmosphere. The curved modules can also be added together to form a large rounded bar or an oval or round bar.

Don't miss our Ice Bar modules with giant ice tray, so you'll never run out of ice for your cocktails!

Bar counter for hotel reception

You want to equip your hotel with a beautiful bar counter for cocktail events, seminars, etc.? Our bar counters for reception are perfectly adapted for this type of situation. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our hotel reception bar counters are particularly suitable for professional use. Very resistant, they are ideal for installation on a terrace, in a garden or by a pool. With their minimalist look and contemporary design, our bar counters are intended for high-end reception and refined style.

If you are looking for an outdoor bar, you can also check out our patio bar page.