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Faz Bar is a modulate system with geometric shapes that bases its singularity in the balance of proportions.

This Double Lacquered Counter is part of the Faz Bar collection. You can combine the elements among themselves to create your own Bar Counter. You may also add an included ice bucket.

You can see all the Faz Bar furniture sold here.

Designed and manufactured in Spain.

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This contemporary design Faz Double Bar is shockproof, anti scratch, and very resistant to natural elements: rain, sun, UV... It is designed so that it is perfectly suitable for both in & outdoor uses. It withstands temperatures from -60°C to 80°C: you can therefore place this Faz Double Counter on a terrace or in an hotel bar, for example.

Combine the elements of the Faz Bar collection to create your own Counter. And match it to the identity of your business. Indeed, it is perfect for Night Clubs, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants...

Your guest will be delighted by its very specific and geometric forms. This lacquered version has a nice glossy finish.

It is made of Polyethylene resin by rotational moulding. It is indeed 100% recyclable.

You may also want to add these options for a better experience:

  • An included Ice Bucket to keep your bottles fresh
  • A Counter Top made in Stainless Steel
  • 2-HPL Flat Shelf Set to place inside your Faz Bar
  • A 8-wheel set with lock for an easier transportation of your Faz Bar

The Faz Double Bar Counter is available in 15 lacquered colors: 


Dimensions of the Faz Double Lacquered Bar:

Dimensions Faz Double Lacquered Bar Vondom

Dimensions of the Faz Double Lacquered Bar (with ice bucket):

Dimensions Faz Double Lacquered Bar Ice Bucket Vondom

You can find here all our Faz Bar collection. The pieces are available in several colors, finishes and versions (LED Light, LED Light wireless, Matte...).

The elements can combine among themselves to integrate in any space (in & outdoor). For example: