BLOW Pot 80 Lacquered - Big Outdoor Polyethylene Jar with Lacquered Finish


The Blow Pot 80 is a Large Outdoor Planter made of Polyethylene with lacquered finish. Its glossy appearance will enhance your Garden, Park or Terrace of your Hotel, Bar or Restaurant.

Its conic shape with rounded edges makes it a Zen element of your space. This Flower Pot is also very functional with its self-irrigation system.

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Product details

Elisa Gargan and Stefano Giovannoni designed the Blow Pot 80 for Vondom the Spanish brand of Contemporary Furniture.

You can plant flowers, shrubs and small trees in this Large Outdoor Planter. Place it in the Garden, Park or Terrace of your Hotel. This Giant Pot will also enhance your interior: decorate your Veranda or your Winter Garden.

It has a great depth to receive a capacity of 68 liters of compost. This Giant Plant pot is very functional with its system of self-irrigation which facilitates the watering of the plants.

Dimensions of the Blow Pot 80 :

Dimensions Blow Pot 80 Vondom

This Design Pot has a double wall made of very strong Polyethylene. It is UV resistant with a UV8 factor, equivalent to 8000 hours of sunshine in Florida; also to temperature variations (to -60ºC and + 80ºC!). It also resists impacts, scratches and bad weather. In addition, it is easy to clean with a simple damp sponge.

The Outdoor Planter Blow Pot 80 is available in 15 glossy colors:

Colors Polyethylene Lacquered Pots 80 BLOW Vondom

A self-watering system is included. It provides the plant a water tank that gives water whenever the plant needs it. This mechanism has an indicator that alerts you when the plant needs to be watered. Please note that with this self-watering system, the Blow Planter is not recommended for outdoor use. In fact, due to the drainage, the indicator will not work properly.

More information about the self-watering system:

Self-Watering System for the Blow Planter by Vondom

  1. Water tank level indicator, verifiable at any time
  2. Expanded clay works as drainage. This will prevent stagnation, control water flow & assure root aeration
  3. Vegetal soil
  4. Self-watering base where the plant absorbs the water
  5. Water tank

For outdoor use, please take off the stopper of drainage (Light and Led finishes) and drill the holes at the indicated mark, bearing in mind the position of the water tank. Also drill the holes in the base of the flower pot, so that if it rains, the water overflow will evacuate and not harm the plant.

Recommendations Blow Planter Use by Vondom

Other versions of the Blow Polyethylene Outdoor Jar are available: different sizes, with matt polyethylene, in white or multicolor light versions, etc. Discover all Blow Collection.


  • Brand Vondom
  • Reference 55019F
  • Condition New


  • Material Polyethylene
  • Version Lacquered
  • Use Indoor & Outdoor
  • Designer Stefano Giovannoni, Elisa Gargan
  • Dimensions 80 x 80 x 80 cm
  • Weight 18 Kg
  • Width 68 L
  • Brand Vondom
  • Made in Spain
  • Guarantee (year) 1
  • Collection Blow

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