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The BuzziSpace brand offers new ways to work, live and be sustainable.

The brand's philosophy is activated on 3 essential notions: ecology, flexibility and acoustics.


The BuzziZone (acoustic partition), the BuzziBoard (soundproofing panel), the BuzziLight (acoustic strip luminaire) and the BuzziScreen (screen for open space), BuzziSkin (acoustic wallpaper) are designed in ecovilt, a material composed of 100 % of bottles recycled for fair and innovative creations.


BuzziSpace wants to be flexible both in terms of the range of products that the brand offers and the functionality of these products.

Acoustic :

Nowadays, office spaces, meeting rooms, open space, must limit the impact of surrounding noise and therefore have recourse to acoustic solutions. BuzziSpace meets these needs by offering a range of products whose main asset is optimal sound absorption in the vocal field. Subjected to numerous acoustic tests, Buzzispace has proven that these products reduce sound pressure

The brand has also extended its range by providing BuzziSpot 3D and BuzziCube 3D poufs with a unique design.

Now, BuzziSpace is attacking the world of children with the launch of its BuzziKidz range: a world full of fun, with cuddly animals, caressable puzzles and soft acoustic solutions. By transforming used PET bottles into a design product attractive, BuzziSpace responds to the need for a greener world for us and future generations.