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Are you a restaurant professional looking for floor or wall-mounted bar shelves to equip your restaurant, bar, hotel, bistro or nightclub? Barazzi offersprofessional furniture for cafés, hotels and restaurants.

We offer a wide range of furniture for professionals in the restaurant and hotel industry. In our storage shelves category, we offer wall-mounted bar shelves, suspended bar shelves, etc. All of our bar shelves for professionals will allow you to store, stock, or display your decorative items. A bar shelf should allow for easy storage of glasses, bottles and utensils to make your drinks and cocktails.

Hanging bar shelf

You want to optimize your space while adding storage? A suspended bar shelf is a great option! Indeed, a suspended shelf allows you to increase your storage capacity while preserving your floor space. Moreover, a hanging shelf is also a wonderful decorative object! You can display your beautiful bottles, syrups, strong spirits or wine bottles.

Very resistant, our suspended shelves can support important loads. Consult the product sheets of our shelves to know everything about their dimensions and characteristics. Width, Height, Depth, Length... Everything is detailed in the description of each bar shelf. However, if you have any questions about your bar shelf purchase, you can contact our customer service, available by phone to help you.

Bar shelves for restaurants, hotels, bistros and nightclubs

You want to equip your restaurant, bistro bar or nightclub with a large shelf to create a nice bar area around the bar counter and your high stools? We offer beautiful shelves to store your bottles, glasses and bar accessories. Some of our models will be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They will be beautiful pieces to improve the decoration of the garden or the terrace of your professional establishment!

Our small size wall shelves will be suitable to bring additional storage needed for your business. Small cube shelves are wonderful objects that are both beautiful and useful, as they allow you to arrange your items. You will be able to build a beautiful set by attaching several shelves next to each other. For the installation, no need to panic! These high quality shelves are designed for easy installation.

Choose from our shelves in a variety of finishes to furnish your restaurant, bar, bistro, hotel or nightclub. We offer white, gray or wood shelves. While our simple and sleek designs will suit any decorating style, our wood designs will instantly bring a warm touch to your space. You can create a chic, upscale atmosphere, an industrial ambiance, or a cosy chic atmosphere for a comfortable, lounge-like setting.

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Barazzi has selected for you the best in high-end furnishings for professionals. Our designer furniture is made in Europe and is of the highest quality, for refined establishments with careful decoration.