Falo Outdoor Gas Heaters designed and manufactured by Italkero. Very high quality products made in Italy.

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  • 285,00 € tax excl.

    This Coffee Table is meant to complete the Falo, Falo Evo and Falo Evo Color Heaters by Italkero. Add this feature to your Italkero device to create a nice experience.

    285,00 € tax excl.
  • 1 632,00 € tax excl.

    Falo Evo Color is a three-sided Pyramid Gas Patio Heater. It is running by LPG (Propane or Butane) and Natural Gas. Falo Evo is made to order, in all RAL colors. For reasons of production, the minimum purchase order is 2 units. Please contact us if you don't find the color you wish online. You may also want to order the dedicated remote control (sold...

    1 632,00 € tax excl.
  • 62,00 € tax excl.

    A single remote to control all your Italkero Outdoor Heaters.

    62,00 € tax excl.
  • 1 410,00 € tax excl.

    Falo Evo is a three-sided Pyramid Gas Patio Heater with a visible flame creating a warming atmosphere. It is available in 3 colors: Silver, Black et Rust. You can also order the dedicated remote control (sold separately). Falo Evo is running by LPG (Propane or Butane) and Natural Gas. Made in Italy. Very high quality.

    1 410,00 € tax excl.
  • 70,00 € tax excl.

    This wheel set goes along with Falo Outdoor Gas Heating by Italkero. Those wheels enable an easy transportation of your Italkero device.

    70,00 € tax excl.