BONSAI - Tree-Shaped Table Lamp with Blown Glass Structure and OLED Lights

BONSAI is a Table Lamp designed by Aldo Cibic and Tommaso Cora. With its organic shape, it is an invitation to the land of the Rising Sun. 

Its Transparent Blown Glass Structure is like a Bonsai Tree with 12 luminous OLED discs.

BONSAI Table Lamp is ideal for tables and desks. This Professional Lighting was designed and manufactured in France.

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MaterialBlown Glass, OLED
DesignerAldo Cibic and Tommaso Cora
DiameterØ 50 cm
Height58 cm
Made inFrance
Guarantee (year)1

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We develop and produce innovative lighting solutions, either on a tailor-made or large-scale level. 

An advanced technology is used: the OLEDs (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) revolutionizes the way we experience light.

What is the OLED technology?

Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are bright surfaces similar to light leaves. The OLED is one of the most efficient lighting sources: long-lasting (20,000 hour life), ultra flat, glare-free, and heat-free, these luminous panes are reinventing home lighting.

OLEDs belong to the family of semi-conductor lighting sources, just like LEDs. However, OLEDs rely on organic substances such as carbon and hydrogen to emit light. Thanks to the use of these substances, OLEDs become one of the most eco-friendly lighting sources, indeed direct recycling OLEDs is possible.

Light becomes now a fully functional material, which adopts an endless variety of forms or colours, enabling architects and designers to explore innovative and personalized approaches. As such, it allows lamp designers to associate lighting with visual and tactile senses, bringing life to their creations.

BONSAI Table Lamp

BONSAI is the perfect Table Lamp for Desks and Tables. Its unique and original design will please your guests.

BONSAI Table Lamp has organic shapes: a Transparent Blown Glass structure with branches and 12 OLED lights, like shining blooming flowers.

The OLED Lights are ultra flat, ultra light and heat-free. They can be touched without any risk.

BONSAI Table Lamp is aimed to be used by Professionals. Ideal for Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Luxury Stores...


Schema BONSAI Table Lamp Tree Shaped Blown Glass Strucutre and OLED Lights

Specifications BONSAI Table Lamp Glass and Luminous OLED discs