The VONDOM FRAME DAYBED category brings together all the sunbeds and deckchairs designed by Ramon Esteve in this collection. Very designer and original sunbeds and garden beds! They are perfect for decorating the terrace of a Hotel or a poolside. The FRAME VINEYARD DAYBED, looks like a tent or teepee, is the ideal mix between a unique outdoor decoration and the well-being of customers.

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  • 14 000,00 € tax excl.

    FRAME VINEYARD DAYBED with Pyramidal Woven Rope Roof is a Sun Lounger for 2 people with integrated UV protection. Its very modern design looks like a tent to better protect the customers of your hotel from the sun's rays.This large chaise lounge for 2 is perfect for decorating a poolside, the terrace of a hotel, a contemporary garden...

    14 000,00 € tax excl.
  • 8 000,00 € tax excl.

    FRAME VINEYARD Daybed with triangular fabric roof is a 2 seater Sun Bed with integrated Parasol. Its very design look remind a teepee to better protect your hotel customers against the sun and UV rays.This Outdoor deckchair for 2 is perfect for decorating a terrace, a modern garden, or around a swimming pool ...

    8 000,00 € tax excl.