Italkero creates in Europe Luxury Patio Heaters and several accessories so that you can create a warming and convivial atmosphere in the outdoor places of your Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, Golf...

With their contemporary design, Italkero Gas Heaters are also very functional. Ideal for Terraces, Gardens, Patios, Pools...

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  • 42,00 € tax excl.

    A single remote to control all your Italkero Outdoor Heaters.

    42,00 € tax excl.
  • 1 175,00 € tax excl.

    Falo Evo is a three-sided Pyramid Gas Patio Heater with a visible flame creating a warming atmosphere. It is available in 3 colors: Silver, Black et Rust. You can also order the dedicated remote control (sold separately). Falo Evo is running by LPG (Propane or Butane) and Natural Gas. Made in Italy. Very high quality.

    1 175,00 € tax excl.
  • 3 000,00 € tax excl.

    The Dolce Vita EP (Energy Producing with Seebeck Effect) Gas Heater is innovative: the heat generated by the flame is transformed in electricity. A lamp and a patio heater are combined in this luxury product. Ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels, night clubs... Made in Italy by Italkero.

    3 000,00 € tax excl.
  • 2 100,00 € tax excl.

    The luxury Gas Heater Dolce Vita is ideal to warm up your outdoor places. Your guests will enjoy having delicate heat in the freshness of the outside. A lamp and a patio heater are combined in a single outdoor furniture. Designed and manufactured in Italy by Italkero.

    2 100,00 € tax excl.
  • 70,00 € tax excl.

    This wheel set goes along with Falo Outdoor Gas Heating by Italkero. Those wheels enable an easy transportation of your Italkero device.

    70,00 € tax excl.
  • 245,00 € tax excl.

    This Coffee Table (optional) is one of many accessories that complete the Dolce Vita Outdoor Gas Heater by Italkero. Use this table to add a nice experience for your customers.

    245,00 € tax excl.